Top Procedures To Consider for Dental Work in Mexico

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Posted June 25, 2024
Americans choose dental work in Mexico for a premier dental tourism experience. Say goodbye to hopping from one clinic to another. Experience seamless dental care with a variety of treatments all under one roof. Read on to discover the popular dental procedures chosen by dental tourists in Mexico.
Top Procedures To Consider for Dental Work in Mexico
Top Procedures To Consider for Dental Work in Mexico

Key Takeaways

  • Mexico is an ideal choice for Americans seeking affordability over quality dental work. 
  • Dental treatment south of the border in Mexico offers a range of procedures. They include simple dental cleaning to complex implant surgeries.  
  • Research well and understand the treatment timelines, pros and cons before getting dental work in Mexico. Check out the dental work in Mexico reviews before choosing the clinic. 

Traveling abroad for dental work is indeed worrisome. Naturally, hitting clinic doors and searching for oral healthcare solutions can be an overtiring task. Dental work in Mexico isn’t just about cost savings, as many admit. It’s also about quality dental care over a range of procedures all in one place. You can expect quality treatment and a variety of procedures at many reputed dental offices in Mexico. Here are some of the top treatments you may choose for dental work in Mexico. 

Dental Implants in Mexico

Getting teeth implants in Mexico can provide a lifetime solution for fallen, decayed, or broken teeth. Missing teeth can ruin your quality of life by impacting your ability to chew and speak with clarity. The best implant dentist in Mexico will surgically fix screw-like metal posts in your jawbone under anesthesia. These implants are made either from titanium or zirconia and are biocompatible. They live in your jaw for a lifetime and fuse with the surrounding jawbone to form a strong bond.[1] For this reason, implants behave as natural tooth roots, restoring your bite force.

Dental Implants in Mexico
Osseointegration Is the Key for the Success of Dental Implants in Mexico

Points To Know Before Getting Dental Implants in Mexico

Most often, dental tourists ask us, “How long does it take to get dental implants in Mexico?”. It's worth mentioning that dental implant treatment is a step-wise procedure. It will take a few months to get dental implants in Mexico. You are required to make 2-3 dental visits, with each visit requiring around 2-7 days. Note that the two visits will be separated by 3-8 months for healing and osseointegration.  

You can expect standard titanium or ceramic implants with abutments and crowns. Further, full-mouth restorative options like all-on-4, all-on-6, 3-on-6, zygomatic, implant-supported overdentures, and snap-on-dentures are available in Mexico. The safe dental implants in Mexico cost starts at $1,500. It can go as high as $13,000, depending on the implant type, number, brand, city, and clinic you choose. You can save nearly 70% on dental bills with affordable dental implants in Mexico.

Dental Crowns in Mexico 

Dental crowns are teeth-colored caps to cover the decayed, cracked, or broken tooth.[2] They are also used as restorations over implants. Below is the brief procedure to get Mexican dental crowns. Your dentist will:

  • Prepare your existing tooth by reshaping it
  • Collect impressions 
  • Fix the temporary crown to cover the prepared tooth
  • Affix permanent crown on your second visit
Dental Crowns in Mexico
Dental Crowns in Mexico

Points To Know Before Getting Dental Crowns in Mexico

You will need two visits to the dentist to get Mexican dental crowns. In Mexico, you can expect various dental crowns like porcelain, zirconia, porcelain-fused-to-metal, all-metal, and porcelain E-max. Your dentist will help you choose the right one based on your aesthetic and dental needs. Dental crowns will last for 15 years, provided you follow proper aftercare. Dental crowns in Mexico cost range between $230 and $490, depending on the type. 

Dental Veneers in Mexico

Your Mexican dentist will fix thin tooth-colored shells called dental veneers on the front surface of the teeth.[3] While crowns cover the entire tooth, veneers will cover only the front surface. Veneers majorly deal with aesthetic concerns like tooth cracks, gaps, chips, and discoloration. Your dentist will remove some portion of the enamel.  They will collect impressions and send them for customized veneer preparation. Once the veneers are ready, your dentist will fix them using adhesive. Teeth preparation makes a rough surface for efficient veneer fixation. The amount of enamel portion removed depends on the condition of existing teeth.

Dental Veneers in Mexico
Dental Veneers in Mexico

Points To Know Before Getting Dental Veneers in Mexico

You can expect different types like porcelain, zirconia, and resin-based composite veneers in Mexico. The prices start at $450 for a single tooth. Note that veneers can correct only minor imperfections. They are not suitable solutions for issues like gum or root canal infections or tooth decay.  

Dental Bridges and Dentures in Mexico

Typically, dental bridges are made of two or more dental crowns. They can cover the missing spaces when your dentist places them on the anchor or abutment teeth.[4] Your dentist will reshape the healthy teeth that are adjacent to gaps. Further, they will place the bridge on anchor teeth. Altogether, the bridge unit fills gaps left by missing teeth by seeking support from healthy teeth. Dentures are removable devices covering gaps left by missing teeth. For either of the procedures, your dentist in Mexico will collect an impression of your existing oral cavity. They will send impressions to the dental lab for customized teeth preparation. Once they are ready, your dentist will fix the bridges or dentures in your oral cavity and check the bite. 

Dental Bridges and Dentures in Mexico
Dental Bridges and Dentures in Mexico 

Points To Know Before Getting Dental Bridges and Dentures in Mexico

You can expect 3-unit porcelain fused to metal crown bridges in Mexico. Further, partial and complete dentures with acrylic, flexible, or metal frames are available. You get a choice of porcelain or composite teeth for full dentures in Mexico. While dentures cost you between $190 and $490, a 3-unit porcelain fused-to-metal bridge costs you $690. To get dental bridges in Mexico, your dentist will reshape the anchor teeth. The procedure requires more than one clinic visit that spans 3-5 days.

Root Canal Treatment in Mexico

Root canal treatment offers a solution for severely decayed teeth.[5] In cases where a tooth suffers from decay and infection, the dentist will make an opening in the tooth and access the pulp chamber. They will remove the infected pulp and fill the interior with paste. The Mexican dentist will fill the opening with a composite filling or place a crown to restore its function. This entire process can take 1-2 visits, depending on the intensity of decay.

Root Canal Treatment in Mexico
Root Canal Treatment in Mexico

Points To Know Before Getting Root Canal Treatment in Mexico

Most often, root canal treatment is regarded as a painful procedure. Don’t worry, as the best dentist in Mexico will carry your root canal treatment under anesthesia. Besides, the recovery time will last for a few days. In Mexico, root canal treatment for any tooth will cost you $340. However, if it is a retreatment, it will cost $370. For a root canal retreatment, your dentist will reopen the tooth chamber to remove the filling materials. After complete cleaning, they will refill it with dental filling.  

Teeth Whitening in Mexico

Natural teeth fade with age due to certain foods, tobacco consumption, or poor oral hygiene. Teeth whitening lightens the existing shade of teeth, adding a brighter look to your smile. Your dentist will apply whitening agents like bleaching gels containing hydrogen peroxide on the teeth.[6] In Mexico, you have a choice of at-home kits and in-office whitening. In-office teeth whitening utilizes laser light to activate the whitening process.  

Teeth Whitening in Mexico
In-Office Teeth Whitening in Mexico

Points To Know Before Getting Teeth Whitening in Mexico

At-home kit for teeth whitening in Mexico will cost you $150. In-office whitening will cost you $170. Further, you also get the Zoom whitening in Mexico, which costs you $250. It is a quick and painless method, taking around 45 minutes. Note that your dentist will cover your gums using a rubber dam before applying the bleaching gel.

Orthodontic Treatment in Mexico

Malpositioned teeth can rise concerns of bad bite with an awkward and crooked look to your smile. Orthodontic options in Mexico correct bite problems by imparting proper alignment to the teeth in your jaw.[7] Braces and clear aligners are the common orthodontic treatments to expect in Mexico. The best part is that your treatment will be customized based on your requirements. 

Clear Aligners in Mexico
Clear Aligners in Mexico

Points To Know Before Getting Orthodontic Treatment in Mexico

Braces are a traditional approach for teeth straightening. They apply constant pressure on the teeth by using metal wires connected with brackets. Clear aligners, on the other hand, are custom-made clear trays. You can easily remove and put them on with ease while cleaning. Clear aligners apply gentle pressure, and the best part is that they are hardly visible.[8]  

Other Dental Treatments in Mexico

Mexico offers a range of dental treatments along with diagnostic procedures. Deep cleaning or scaling removes tough plaques and scales from your teeth. Besides, you can also expect tooth extraction. It is typically required for broken or irreparable damage or decay of the tooth. Tooth extraction is either a simple or surgical procedure. Simple tooth extraction requires your dentist to loosen the tooth from its socket.[9] Once it is loose enough, they will remove it. However, your dentist will make a tiny incision on the jaws to surgically extract a tooth. Besides, gum contouring is also a widely chosen dental treatment. This procedure reshapes gum surgically to avoid a boxy, short appearance for your teeth. It's worth mentioning that your Mexican dentist will first understand your oral health condition before treatment. They use diagnostic tests like dental panoramic X-rays and CT scans. These help them gain a complete picture of the jawbone condition and existing teeth. 

Dental Diagnosis in Mexico
Dental Diagnosis in Mexico

Dental care in Mexico doesn’t end with popular procedures or diagnostic tests. Scroll further down to learn how it benefits your family.

Dental Care for Your Family!

Mexico isn’t just renowned for quality dental work. It is indeed the right dental tourism destination for your family. Cities like Cancun and Playa del Carmen are famous tourist spots. Dentists in Mexico, especially Cancun, offer pediatric dental care. While oral healthcare is essential from early childhood onwards, a pediatric dental visit can serve as an educational experience. More importantly, Mexico offers dental services for your entire family, all under one roof. You don’t have to venture around clinics to see dentists for the oral healthcare needs of your family. 

Wondering how to get dental work in Mexico? Don’t worry. Envoy Health is on your back. Sign up now. Our platform provides access to premier dental services for you and your dear ones.  


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The information in this article is for educational purposes only and does not replace medical advice. Always consult your doctor before starting any treatments.

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    Frequently asked questions

    Getting dental work done in Mexico is safe when you choose a qualified dental professional at a reputed dental office. Qualified and skilled dental professionals follow standard procedures in dentistry. They utilize advanced technology for diagnosis and treatment. More importantly, they maintain high hygiene standards to avoid any infections.  


    The main difference between dental work in Mexico and USA is associated with the pricing. While the Mexican prices are low and affordable, you can expect the same quality. Further, many reputed Mexican clinics offer top procedures in dentistry that are no less than those in the States.  


    The time taken for dental work in Mexico varies with the procedure you choose. Simple procedures like tooth extraction or cleaning require a single clinic visit comprising 2-4 hours. However, complex procedures like implants require a span of a few months with 2-3 clinic visits. We recommend you discuss the treatment timeline with your dentist during your initial consultation. 


    Americans go to Mexico for dental work mainly because of the reasonable pricing on quality dental work. Choosing dental work in Mexico will allow savings of 60-80% on dental bills. Further, Mexico offers quality dentistry on a range of procedures, whether simple or complex surgeries. Altogether, this makes Mexico a favorite choice for many Americans.


    Mexican dentistry is no less than that in the United States. Although dental work in Mexico cost less compared to the Stateside clinics, you can expect the same quality. Many Mexican dentists and clinics adopt standard protocols of procedures and hygiene. However, the chances of some potential issues when you approach fake dentists or underqualified dentists still exist. With proper research and by approaching the right dentist, you can expect the same quality of dental work in Mexico as in the States.   


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