All You Need To Know About All-on-6 Dental Implants in Mexico

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Posted June 14, 2024
Imagine being able to smile freely again without the worry of missing teeth. With all-on-6 dental implants in Mexico, this could be your reality. It's not just about the teeth. It's about the quality of life. In this article, we'll take a closer look at Mexican all-on-6 implants and how they can help you regain confidence and enjoy life to the fullest.
All on 6 dental implants in Mexico
All on 6 dental implants in Mexico

Key Takeaways

  • All-on-6 dental implants in Mexico can fix multiple teeth loss. It utilizes six dental implants to support one complete prosthesis.
  • The prices of all-on-6 implants Mexico start at around $7,850 for a jaw. It can go as high as $14,499, depending on various factors.
  • The final price for all-on-6 in Mexico depends on the implant brand, prosthesis type, and additional procedures performed. The costs for tooth extraction and bone graft can add up to the final costs for all-on-6 Mexico.

Teeth enamel is one of the hardest parts of the human body.[1] However, many aged individuals experience periodontal disease and caries risk. These are direct causes of missing or fallen teeth.[2] Tooth loss is a severe concern that disrupts your ability to chew and speak clearly. Furthermore, the gaps left by missing teeth often make it awkward for you to smile. Restorative options, like dental bridges, can fill these missing teeth gaps. However, they have the least to work on the jawbone. Fallen teeth aren’t just missing teeth. It’s the natural tooth root that goes missing, creating an empty pocket on the jawbone. This allows surrounding teeth to drift, making permanent changes in the jawbone. Options like bridges can fill these gaps. However, dental bridges stand on surrounding healthy teeth and do not interfere with the jaw bone health.

This is not the case with dental implants. Implants behave like natural tooth roots and preserve jaw bone health. They support artificial teeth, imparting a natural look to your smile. All-on-6 dental implants in Mexico are a great choice when you have lost many teeth from a single jaw.  Now, let’s understand this in detail.

What Is All-on-6 Mexico? 

All-on-6 dental implants in Mexico are a full-mouth restorative procedure. This comprises six titanium metal screws securely fixed inside your jaw. These implants will support the prosthesis, which serves as a complete set of new teeth. Your Mexican dentist will fix them in a surgical procedure under anesthesia. On the day of surgery, you’ll receive a temporary prosthesis to cover these implants. The new teeth implants in Mexico will fuse with the surrounding jawbone and form a strong bond over a period of 3-8 months.

While other full-mouth restorative options hold their importance in dentistry, all-on-6 implants Mexico have their own benefits. Now, let’s understand the benefits of all-on-6 implants in a short comparison.

All-on-6 Implants in Mexico Versus Other Full Mouth Restorations

Mexico dental implant procedures are diverse. Each one has their own benefits. The choice of opting for one is based on the individual needs. Factors that primarily determine the type of implants you need are

  • Jawbone quality
  • Oral health condition
  • Intensity of teeth loss

Besides all-on-6, some top Mexican full-mouth rehabilitation procedures are all-on-4, all-on-8, and 3-on-6.

All-on-8 Versus All-on-6 Implants Mexico

All-on-8 procedure utilizes eight implants in a jaw to support the prosthesis. While extra implants add support, this procedure requires enough jawbone. However, all-on-6 serves the best when the existing jawbone is too soft to hold 8 implants.

All-on-4 Versus All-on-6 Implants in Mexico 

While the cheapest all-on-4 dental implants in Mexico are popular, they rely on four implants supporting a full arch denture. The disadvantage of this treatment is that when an implant fails, the remaining implants cannot support the prosthesis. However, all-on-6 treatment utilizes six dental implants in a jaw. Even if one implant fails, the other implants can support it. Besides, all-on-4 is a graftless procedure. However, when your jawbone is found to be insufficient, your dentist will perform a bone graft before all-on-6 treatment. Adding extra bone material to the jawbone increases its efficiency in holding implants.

All-on-6 Implants Versus 3-on-6 Dental Implants in Mexico

While both procedures involve fixing six dental implants in a jaw, the primary difference lies in the prosthesis type. 3-on-6 involves three dental bridges (devoid of gums) on six implants. All-on-6 implants involve a full arch denture with artificial gums standing on six implants. With all-on-6, you can opt for the denture based on the material and cost.

Your dentist will help you choose the right implant treatment tailored to your case. Some of the top-notch clinics in Algodones, Tijuana, and Cancun offer the best all-on-6 dental implants. Are you wondering about the permanence of all-on-6 in Mexico? We’ve covered it for you.

How Long Do All-on-6 Implants in Mexico Last?

All-on-6 implants in Mexico last for a lifetime when you care for them well. Note that the prosthesis lasts for 10-15 years, depending on the type and brand. Following proper aftercare ensures the long-term success of your all-on-6 in Mexico. Now, let’s understand the cost aspects of all-on-6 in Mexico.

How Much Are All-on-6 Dental Implants in Mexico?

The exact price of all-on-6 in Mexico depends on denture type, implant brand and price inclusions like accommodation and shuttle transport. Typically, all-on-6 dental implants cost Mexico ranges between $7,850 and $14,499 per jaw. This price range lies far less than the Stateside price of $28,000. Choosing all-on-6 in Mexico will save you up to 70% on dental bills. Now, let’s step into the city-wise cost breakdown of Mexico all-on-6.

The cheapest all-on-6 dental implants cost $7,850 per arch in Cancun. This all-on-6 dental implants Cancun Mexico, price includes six implants and a fixed acrylic denture.

Meanwhile, in Los Algodones, all-on-6 implant costs start at around $10,450, including six BHI implants and a fixed denture for a jaw. Along with the same inclusions, it can go as high as $13,310 for trusted implant brands like Nobel Biocare. On the other hand, Tijuana all-on-6 implants cost you a minimum of $9,999. This price includes lodging and transport with six implants and a denture for a single arch. Note that prices change slightly depending on implant brand and prosthesis type. Opting for six Straumann implants with a zirconia bridge, including the amenities of lodging and transport, will cost you $14,499 per jaw.

Here, we tabulated all-on-6 implant costs in Mexico and those in some major countries.

All-on-6 in Mexico Versus Other Countries


All-on-6 Implants Cost

United States $28,000
Australia $27,000
Canada $26,000
New Zealand $24,000
United Kingdom $18,000
Mexico $7,850
Turkey $4,000

#Prices may vary slightly
Mexican dental implant costs are reasonable. However, the prices of cheap dental implants in Mexico don’t indicate a compromised quality. Look at the benefits of choosing all-on-6 in Mexico.

Why Choose All-on-6 in Mexico?

Here are all the benefits of choosing all-on-6 dental implants in Mexico.

  • Considerable savings: While dental implant costs at home are quite expensive, all-on-6 in Mexico prices are reasonable. Choosing all-on-6 in Mexico will save you up to 70% on dental treatment.
  • Lifetime solution: All-on-6 in Mexico is a permanent solution for teeth loss. Unlike dentures, it is easy to maintain all-on-6. Further, implants preserve jawbone health and impart a natural look to your smile.
  • Top-notch dental care: Mexican dental clinics are cutting-edge technology equipped. They rely on advanced dentistry for the success of implants. Technology like CBCT, surgical guides, and dental X-rays opens the door to precision. More importantly, you can expect trusted implant brands like Straumann and Nobel Biocare for your all-on-6.
  • Qualified dentists: Dentists in Mexico that do implants are qualified, skilled, and experienced. They hold memberships in organizations like ICOI and ADA to stay updated on advanced dental technology.
  • Cultural similarity: Due to the close geographical proximity, Mexico is culturally similar to America. You don’t notice much cultural difference on your dental trip. It feels almost like being at home.

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The information in this article is for educational purposes only and does not replace medical advice. Always consult your doctor before starting any treatments.

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    All-on-6 implants in Mexico cost you between $7,850 and $14,499 for one single jaw. The exact prices vary depending on the implant brand and the type of material that the prosthesis is made of.

    All-on-6 dental implants in the United States cost around $28,000. This price is strikingly high when compared to the Mexican costs, starting at just $7,850 for one jaw.

    All-on-6 implants in Mexico fixed by a qualified dentist are definitely worth the choice. They are an affordable approach to fixing multiple teeth loss. Quality dentistry at top-notch clinics makes it a worthwhile option.

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