Get Dental Implants in Cancun & Save up to 80%

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Posted May 24, 2024
Getting dental implants in Cancun cannot be boring anymore. It’ll be an exciting experience! Pair with a beach vacation on the Carribean shores. Are you worried that the costs would burn a hole in your pocket? Fret not, as it’s more affordable than you might think. Read on to learn about the costs and savings you can expect with Cancun dental implants.
Get Dental Implants in Cancun & Save up to 80%
Get Dental Implants in Cancun & Save up to 80%

Key Takeaways

  • Dental implants in Cancun, Mexico, cost start at $1,500. They can go as high as $13,310, depending on the implant number, brand, and type of prosthesis.
  • Choosing Cancun implant dentistry will save you up to 80% on treatment. Further, there are all-inclusive packages for full mouth rehabilitation with all-on-4 implants in Cancun.
  • Getting dental implants in Cancun is a safe and effective choice if you choose a reliable dental facility and a qualified dentist.

Cancun is a top choice among tourists, mainly for its white sandy beaches and exciting water sports. But did you know that this famous tourist destination also offers permanent fixes for missing teeth problems? It’s true! 


Dental implants in Cancun are indeed a budget-friendly savior to restore your smile and improve your quality of life. The affordability of dental implants in Cancun, Mexico, is not only confined to lower treatment prices. It expands on the other added costs of accommodation and local transport. Want to learn more? Scroll on to the upcoming cost section to understand dental implant costs in Cancun.

How Much To Get Dental Implants in Cancun, Mexico? 

The starting cost of dental implants in Cancun Mexico is $1,500. This amount includes implant, abutment, and crown and is quite reasonable when compared to the Stateside cost of $5,500. A zirconia implant with abutment and crown is slightly expensive and can cost you $2,110 in Cancun, Mexico. In the States, it can cost $6,000.  The lower Cancun dental implant prices are mainly due to the low cost of living in Mexico. You will save up to 80% on single implants by opting for the best dental implants in Cancun when compared to the States. We detailed the cost comparison in an easily accessible manner below. Scroll down and take a look.

Dental Implant Costs in Cancun Vs. Other Countries


Average Per Implant Cost



United States




United Kingdom




# Approximate prices are subject to change.

Note that the implant prices in Cancun Mexico are high for fixing full-mouth dental implants.  You get the choice of all-on-4 and all-on-6 implants in Cancun, Mexico. Let’s look into the detailed prices of each type.

Full Mouth Reconstruction With All-on-4 Dental Implants in Cancun, Mexico

The cost of all-on-4 implants in the States is around $24,000 for a jaw. However, choosing all-on-4 implants in Cancun will save you 70% on treatment, as the minimum cost of 4 on 1 dental implants in Cancun Mexico is $7,110. It includes four teeth implants with a fixed acrylic denture in the jaw—the same costs slightly more for a zirconia hybrid denture at around $8,100 per arch. The dentist will fix four dental implants in a jaw, two vertical and two slightly inclined at 45°. These implants heal and fuse with the jaw bone and support the artificial teeth. Preferring trusted implant brands like Nobel Biocare or Straumann all-on-4 dental implants in Cancun will cost you $8,950 and $9,710, respectively. These prices include four implants and a fixed hybrid denture for a single jaw. 

All-on-4 Dental Implants Cost in Cancun, Mexico


Cancun Cost 

Savings in Cancun

All-on-4 implants with fixed acrylic denture*



Up to 70%

All-on-4 implants with zirconia hybrid denture*


All-on-4 implants (Nobel Biocare) with fixed hybrid denture*


All-on-4 implants (Straumann) with fixed hybrid denture*


*Per arch 


#Prices are case-dependent and may vary slightly.

Full Mouth Reconstruction With All-on-6 Dental Implants in Cancun, Mexico

Getting a full mouth done with all-on-6 implants in Cancun, Mexico, will cost anywhere between $7,850 and $13,310. For this procedure, the dentist will fix six dental implants in the jaw and mount a temporary prosthesis to last for a few months. After the implants heal, they will replace the temporary prosthesis with a permanent denture to serve as your new teeth. 

The exact cost varies with the implant brand and prosthesis type. For instance, popular brands like BHI or Nobel Biocare cost $10,450 and $13,310 per jaw, respectively.  However, standard all-on-6 implants with acrylic and hybrid zirconia dentures cost you $7,850 and $8,850 for a jaw. Meanwhile, getting all-on-6 in the United States will cost you $28,000

All-on-6 dental implants cost in Cancun, Mexico


Cancun Cost 

Savings in Cancun

All-on-6 implants with acrylic denture*



Up to 71%

All-on-6 implants with hybrid zirconia denture*


All-on-6 implants (BHI) 


All-on-6 implants (MIS)


All-on-6 implants (Nobel Biocare)


*Per arch


#Prices are case-dependent and may vary slightly.

To summarize, the savings, best dental implants in Cancun, Mexico, will save you between 63-80% on treatment when compared with the Stateside prices. 

But the savings aren’t solely limited to implant treatment costs in Cancun, Mexico! The Cancun dental vacation packages on full mouth reconstruction include accommodation, transport, and diagnostic tests. Scroll further down to learn more about it.

Full Mouth Rehabilitation: Cancun Dental Vacation Packages

Our partner clinics in Cancun provide solutions for complete edentulism with convenient full-mouth rehabilitation packages using all-on-4 implants. 

The all-on-4 procedure will be carried out in two phases: the surgical and rehabilitation phases. Your dentist will conduct an initial examination and provide you with a treatment plan based on diagnostic tests like CT scans and digital X-rays. 

Dental X-rays

The dentist will insert four implants in a jaw and fix a temporary denture during the surgical phase. You will return home and allow the new implants to heal well. Consuming a soft diet and proper aftercare is essential during the healing phase, and it can take a few months. 

Soft Food Diet After Dental implants

After complete healing, your second visit for the rehabilitation phase will be completed. The dentist will fix all necessary abutments and permanent dentures. 

Here are the all-on-4 package details in Cancun.

All-on-4 Dental Implants and Acrylic Denture Package in Cancun

These all-on-4 implants with acrylic dentures for one single arch cost you $10,900. Now, let’s decode the stage-wise price inclusions of the package. 

Surgical phase

Rehabilitation phase

Package Price

Shuttle transport, 5-night hotel stay

Initial examination

Diagnostic tests

Tooth extraction (if needed)

4 high quality implants + Temporary denture


Shuttle transport, 10-night hotel stay


Dental abutments + High-quality zirconia dentures





#Inclusive of taxes

All-on-4 Rehabilitation, Both Arches Package in Cancun

This all-on-4 rehabilitation package is for you if both your jaws have lost most teeth. It costs you $13,900. Now, let’s decode the stage-wise price inclusions of the package. 

Surgical phase

Rehabilitation phase

Package Price

Shuttle transport, 5-night hotel stay

Initial examination

Diagnostic tests

Tooth extraction (if needed)

4 high quality implants + Temporary denture


Shuttle transport, 10-night hotel stay


Dental abutments + Fixed final hybrid prosthesis with zirconia teeth





#Inclusive of taxes

Quality and affordability: What else does a dental tourist expect on the dental tour? You’re on the right track if safety is in your mind! Scroll down to learn about the safety aspects. 

Is It Safe To Get Dental Implants in Cancun, Mexico?

Getting dental implants in Cancun, Mexico, is safe when a qualified and experienced dentist performs your procedure. Mishaps can happen anywhere with any medical procedure. However, getting dental implants done by a skilled dentist ensures precision and accuracy, which are essential for dental implant success. Take the example of the dentists at our partner clinics. They hold over 20 years of experience in implant dentistry. They rely on advanced technology like CBCT and dental and panoramic X-rays for efficient jaw bone analysis. Further, they use surgical guides for precise implant positioning to avoid misplacement and post-surgical complications. If you are still doubtful, check out the dental implants in Cancun reviews on the Envoy Health Clinic page

Still, if you are concerned about the safety of the location in Cancun, the answer is here. The US embassy marks Cancun as an “Exercise Increased Caution” area,[1] which is very sensible advice to follow anywhere you travel. Being vigilant about the surroundings, keeping an eye on food and drink spikes, avoiding flare outfits, and traveling alone during the night keeps you safer in Cancun. It’s more or less similar to any other tourist place in Malaysia or Thailand. 

Ready to revamp your smile in the blink of an eye and enjoy a vacation for a lifetime at the white sandy Caribbean shores? Join us at Envoy Health. Locate the best dentist in Cancun Mexico for implants using our platform. Let us take your side as you step towards a smile transformation.  


  1. Message For U.S. Citizens: Spring Break Travel


The information in this article is for educational purposes only and does not replace medical advice. Always consult your doctor before starting any treatments.

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    Los Algodones, Tijuana, Cancun, and Playa del Carmen are the Mexican cities offering cheaper and quality dental implants. 


    To get dental implants in Cancun, Mexico, one needs to have good oral and medical health. Being a non-smoker and free from soft-bone problems is another essential consideration. 


    A full set of dental implants in Cancun, Mexico, can cost you anywhere between $7,110 and $13,310. The exact price depends on the dental implant number, type, brand, and the prosthesis used. 


    Mexico and Turkey should be your top picks if you are looking for cheap and safe dental implants.  


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