Recovering From Dental Implants in Mexico: Post-Procedure Insights

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Posted July 10, 2024
Are you planning to get your teeth fixed? Don’t let worries about post-procedural care keep you from smiling freely in public. This comprehensive guide explores life after dental implants in Mexico, offering valuable tips for a smooth recovery. Continue reading to know more about the journey to achieving a better smile.
Recovering From Dental Implants in Mexico: Post-Procedure Insights
Recovering From Dental Implants in Mexico: Post-Procedure Insights

Key Takeaways

  • Getting dental implants in Mexico involves a complex surgical procedure that demands strict post-procedural care for success.
  • A strict diet after dental implant surgery begins with clear, cold liquids. Slowly, you can transition to soft, mashed foods.
  • Smoking, biting hard foods, consuming hot and spicy foods, and drinking through straw cups should strictly be avoided after a dental implant procedure.

Mexican dental implants are a highly favored solution for addressing missing teeth issues among aged Americans. The global recognition of Mexico’s dental care for its affordability is well-deserved. However, it's important to note that implant dentistry in Mexico also stands out for its quality. While the cheap dental implants in Mexico are quite safe, many clinics offer all-inclusive teeth implants. Altogether, this makes it a compelling option for those seeking dental solutions. While dental tourists look for quality and affordable dental care, it's natural to worry about follow-up care when considering treatment abroad. If you are concerned about the feeling of being abandoned after getting dental implants in Mexico- worry not. 

With Envoy Health, your dental implant journey is smooth, with a partner holding your hand all the way. Our partner clinics also offer follow-up consultations, ensuring you're never alone in your recovery. However, getting dental implants has more to deal with. The dental implant success relies on the aftercare you follow. Knowing about caring for your new teeth is essential for long-term success. Now, let’s begin to understand your journey in a step-wise manner after getting dental implants in Mexico.

What Happens Immediately After Dental Implant Surgery in Mexico?

Your dental implants surgeon Mexico will fix the metal screws in your jaws and close the jaw incisions during implant surgery. You will receive temporary teeth, as the customized permanent teeth preparation takes time. Your jaws will be numb early after the implant surgery since the procedure is carried out under anesthesia. However, you will slowly feel the pain and soreness around your gums as the anesthesia wears off. 

It will take at least four days for your jaws to feel normal and the pain to subside after dental implant surgery.[1] Your dentist will prescribe painkillers and antibiotics for a couple of days. The pain should subside slowly. In case it extends over a prolonged duration, consult your doctor immediately. Early after the dental implant surgery (DIS), the surgical site may bleed slightly. It's normal as some arteries bleed slowly but persistently.[2] Place a damp gauze over the bleeding site and hold it with a gentle bite. Don’t worry if you notice blood-tinged saliva for a couple of days. Some patients may notice swelling a day after dental implant surgery. This is normal. Use an ice pack on the swollen portion for a day or two to reduce the swelling. Besides, keep your head in an elevated position. It can control bleeding and swelling as well. Remember not to apply pressure to your New Mexico teeth. After dental implants, it's better to follow a specific diet. 

Caring Immediately after dental implant surgery
Immediately After Dental Implant Surgery in Mexico

Aftercare Diet Following Dental Implants Done in Mexico

Since dental implants involve a complex surgical process, you will need to follow a special diet that doesn't disturb the implants. Do not move your jaws while they are numb. Actions like chewing while still under anesthesia can lead to unnecessary trauma. Your dentist will brief you on the diet after dental implant surgery. Here, we brief it for a general understanding and make you feel prepared.   

Moving your jaws for chewing can disturb implants, causing bleeding and pain. Hence, start with simple liquid foods like clear soups, sugar-free fruit juices, or vegetable broths. Drink using a spoon or open cups. Remember that using straw cups for drinking can apply pressure internally and loosen the blood clots. This can slow down healing. Further, avoid hot foods during the early days. Consuming hot foods can increase blood flow through the oral cavity. Rely on soft and cold foods like smoothies, yogurt, icecreams and puddings. Slowly make a transition to soft mashed foods like mashed potatoes, avocados, and veggies.  Remember that you need to supply all the essential nutrients to your body as your jaws heal. 

Foods to consume after dental implants in Mexico
Foods to Consume After Dental Implants in Mexico

Here are some diet restrictions you will need to follow for a smooth healing journey after dental implants in Mexico.

  • Do not consume hot, spicy foods. As the surgical site heals, you start to chew the food slowly. Make sure you do not chew on the side you had implants. While, this applies to single dental implants. It's hard to chew one side in case you have full-mouth dental implants in Mexico. In this case, you rely on soft mashed foods. 
  • Strictly avoid crunchy, hard foods like crackers, nuts, or chips. Biting hard foods can dislodge your implants, leading to severe consequences like implant failure. 
  • Avoid carbonated drinks and acidic foods. Also, avoid sugary candies and sticky foods like popcorn or jellies. Maintaining oral hygiene is essential for the effective healing of your implants. Sugary or sticky foods can harbor oral microbes. Remember that implant site infection is as serious as implant dislodging. Either of these conditions is a leading cause of dental implant failure.
  • If you feel discomfort or get bored with the special diet, at least nourish your body with enough liquids. Remember that your body needs vitamins and nutrients for effective healing.
Foods to Avoid Briefly After Dental Implants in Mexico
Foods to Avoid Briefly After Dental Implants in Mexico

While following a strict diet plays a part in caring for your implants, you also need to maintain oral hygiene for long-term success.

Oral Hygiene After Getting Dental Implants in Mexico

Your gums and jaws will be sore early after the dental implant surgery. Brushing your new teeth can be difficult since it causes discomfort. Instead, rinse your oral cavity using salt water. After your gums heal well, you should brush your teeth twice daily. Avoid using electric brushes on the surgical site. More importantly, don’t miss flossing regularly. You may also use interdental toothbrushes and water flossing. Your new Mexican teeth are still young. Pamper them a little. Don’t use abrasive toothpastes or whitening agents. You may use antimicrobial mouthwash to maintain oral hygiene. Further, you need to make some lifestyle changes for effective healing and health of your implants. 

Here, we listed a few questions that most patients ask us before getting dental implants in Mexico.

  1. Can I drive the same day after getting dental implants in Mexico?

Dental implant surgery is an outpatient procedure. You don’t need a hospital stay for implants. However, we recommend staying in a hotel near the clinic where you opted for implants. In case you need to travel back the same day, its better to have a friend or companion. Since you will be on pain medication and sedatives, driving by yourself can be risky. 

  1. Can I smoke after getting dental implants in Mexico?

Smoking has deleterious effects on dental implants in Mexico. While tobacco has a negative impact on oral health, it can interfere with healing. Hence, it's better that you quit smoking at least a week before and three months after dental implant surgery.

  1. When can I return to work after getting Mexico tooth implants?

You can return to work within 2-3 days after getting Mexican tooth implants. Even if you are physically active on the day of implant surgery, pain and discomfort can make it difficult for you to work. Refrain yourself from strenuous physical strain for a week since you will be on antibiotics and a special diet. You may resume to complete physical activities within a week.  

Now, let’s understand the long-term recovery after dental implants in Mexico.

Long-Term Recovery After Getting Dental Implants in Mexico

Although your gums and jaws heal in a week or two, the implants take a long time to heal. Typically, implants fuse with the surrounding jawbone within 3-8 months by a process called osseointegration.[3] During this period, you can continue the normal activities. Your dentist will schedule the second appointment for abutment fixation and permanent teeth after this period. However, try to avoid the following activities:

  • Consuming hard foods like nuts and crackers 
  • Playing basketball and contact sports like boxing, taekwondo 
  • Failing to maintain oral hygiene 
Causes of dental implant failure
Causes of Dental Implant Failure

With proper aftercare, Mexican teeth implants heal well and last a lifetime. Many Americans travel south of the border in search of affordable all-on-4 dental implants in Mexico. It is worth noting that dental implants in Mexico price is one among many appealing factors. The quality of care before and after treatment is another big thing. While many Mexican dentists offer virtual consultations and post-treatment check-ups, you will have to monitor how the implants perform on a long-term basis.  Dental implants fail when the jawbone does not grow around them. Don’t hesitate to contact your dentist in case[4] 

  • The implant moves when you talk or chew 
  • You notice signs of infection, pain, or swelling of the implant site

Never neglect any of the following symptoms during your implant healing process. Don’t worry. You are not alone on your Mexican dental implant journey. While many Mexican clinics offer follow-up consultations, Envoy Health is always here to support you up before and after treatment. All because we genuinely care for you! We aim for a healthy, happy, and satisfied patient. Sign up now with Envoy Health, and let us help you attain that smile you have been longing for. 


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The information in this article is for educational purposes only and does not replace medical advice. Always consult your doctor before starting any treatments.

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    Frequently asked questions

    Your dentist will perform the dental implant surgery under anesthesia so that you won’t feel much pain during the procedure. However, you might experience discomfort and pain after the surgery. Using painkillers and ice packs can help you deal with pain as you heal after dental implants in Mexico.


    After getting dental implants in Mexico, you may take two days off from regular work. Since you will be on pain medication and antibiotics, resuming work early on can cause discomfort. Besides, you may resume strenuous physical activities in a week after getting dental implants in Mexico.


    After dental implants in Mexico, it takes four days for your implant site and sore gums to heal. After this period, you can freely move your jaws and open your mouth. This is the initial recovery period. However, your New Mexico dental implants need to integrate and fuse with the jawbone. This is a gradual process that takes 3-8 months. 


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