Why Mexico for Dental Work: Check Out These Perks

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Posted July 05, 2024
Don’t let cost deter you from necessary dental work. Consider Mexico to receive top-quality care at a fraction of the US cost. In this article, we'll explain why many choose Mexico for dental work and how you can access high-quality services without breaking the bank.
Why Mexico for Dental Work: Check Out These Perks
Why Mexico for Dental Work: Check Out These Perks

Key Takeaways

  • Mexico dental care is a reliable and safe escape from high dental prices. Especially, for those looking for affordable costs at convenience, Mexican dental clinics have a lot to offer.
  • You can make up to 80% savings on top-quality dental work at reputed clinics in Mexico.
  • Besides savings, choosing Mexico for dental work is an option within proximity and flexible appointments. 

Dental treatment costs in the States are expensive. Insurance can help with finances to some extent. However, not all dental treatments are covered by insurance, and the coverage varies with the provider. For instance, consider Medicare, the popular health insurance for Americans above 65. It doesn’t cover simple outpatient procedures like dentures, tooth extraction, or root canals. It covers treatments that require inpatient dental work and hold a medical necessity. Similar clauses, terms, and conditions of other dental insurance policies add extra costs for dental care in the States. 

Furthermore, dental appointments in the US often have long wait times. But what if we told you that considering Mexico for dental work could be a smart way to avoid these obstacles? Of course, many patients ask us, “Is it worth going to Mexico for dental work?”. The answer is here.

Mexican dentistry is popular among many Americans and Canadians, not just for affordable costs or savings. This choice offers a range of treatment options, with top-notch care at quality dental clinics. It is a safe and reliable option. Now, let’s look at all the benefits that make the choice special.      

Affordable Costs and Substantial Savings

The Mexico dental work prices are far less than in the Stateside clinics. You can save considerably, regardless of the intensity of the procedure. For instance, simple teeth cleaning in Mexico costs you around $35 at the Mexican clinics. While in the States, the same can cost you at least $200. Savings in Mexico aren’t confined to simple treatments. You can save substantially on extensive procedures like implants, too. Consider Mexican dental implant costs. A single implant costs you as little as $1,500 in Mexico. This is nearly four times less than the Stateside price of $5,500. Further, the costs for full mouth implants in Mexico also follow a similar fashion. So, by considering Mexico for dental implants, you can save anywhere up to 70%. Note that the low cost of dental work in Mexico doesn’t compromise on quality or safety. The low-cost dental implants in Mexico are indeed safe. Many Mexican clinics use globally trusted implant brands like Straumann, Nobel Biocare, and BHI Shark. Furthermore, Mexican clinics popular for dental tourism offer discount prices and all-inclusive packages. Price inclusions apply for hotel stays, transport shuttles, diagnostic tests, consultations, post-op care kits, and medicines. Note that the inclusions vary with the city, clinic, and treatment you choose.    

If you’re wondering about the reasons for low Mexico dental prices, we’ve covered it for you. The low cost of dental work in Mexico is mainly due to its low cost of living, which is 96% less than in the States.[1] Maintaining dental clinics in Mexico doesn’t demand high charges with the low rental and transportation costs. Furthermore, Mexican dentists don’t need hefty-priced malpractice insurance as a mandate to hold a dental practice. Unlike this, in the States, dentists mandatorily need malpractice insurance to start a dental practice. Besides, the overhead charges of clinic maintenance make dentists in the States quote hefty bills. Altogether, these reasons pile up for the huge price disparity between Mexico and the United States.

Range of Dental Procedures 

We understand that hitting clinic doors for dental treatment abroad can be stressful. The best part of getting dental work done in Mexico is that you can expect a range of procedures at Mexican clinics for your oral health issues. Be it a simple cleaning or complex dental surgery, Mexico has the answer for you. More importantly, you don’t have to venture around clinics in Mexico for treatment. Many reputed dental clinics in Mexico offer multiple treatments under the same roof. Dental treatment in Mexico extends over extensive implant surgeries, cosmetic dentistry, prosthodontics, periodontics, and less invasive cleanings and whitening procedures. 

Why Should I go to Mexico for dental work: Multitude of treatment options
Why Should I Go to Mexico for Dental Work: Multitude of Treatment Options

Quality and Safe Dental Work at the Best Clinics

While Mexico is home to many dental offices, some reputed clinics maintain high standards of dentistry. When you opt for the right Mexican dentist, you can expect the same levels of treatment as a Stateside dentist offers. Organizations like the American Dental Association accredit some best dental clinics in Mexico. Many Mexican dentists are professional members of the International Team of Implantologists and the International Congress of Oral Implantology. Holding memberships and affiliations with professional organizations depicts that  they rely on global standards of dentistry. 

Besides, clinics in Mexico are equipped with state-of-the-art technology, such as CBCT, PIC systems, intraoral scanners, advanced microscopes, and dental and panoramic X-rays. Utilizing the latest technology ensures an effective diagnosis and treatment. More importantly, the clinics have in-house dental labs with skilled and experienced technicians. Designing your customized dental prosthesis is easy and done in the clinic itself. Furthermore, many Mexican dental clinics align with sterilization standards laid out by the Mexican regulatory bodies. Summing up all these reasons, you can expect quality dental work with dental clinics in Mexico.

And if you’re wondering, “Is it safe to go to Mexico for dental work?” we’ve covered it for you. The safety of dental work in Mexico lies in choosing a qualified and skilled dental professional. The top dental clinics in Mexico have some of the finest and best dentists. Its worth mentioning that some dentists in Mexico hold over 30 years of experience in dentistry. Besides, some obtained their dental degree from reputable universities in America and London. Furthermore, many renowned dentists are bilinguals. They speak fluent English and have enough experience in handling international patients. So you don’t have to worry about conveying your dental issues. 

Choice of Mexican Cities for Dental Work

Mexico is a large country. The best part is that you have the option of choosing among various Mexican cities for your dental work. While some extent of security threat exists in some Mexican cities, it is worth noting that not all cities are equally dangerous. You can opt for the Mexican border cities like Los Algodones or Tijuana if you live in the southern states of America. Reaching here is super convenient, with just a few hour's drive across the border. You also have the choice of opting for beach cities like Cancun or Playa del Carmen. You may choose them to weave a bundle of memories with your family on your dental trip. Further, some top clinics in the resort cities offer pediatric dental care. So, you can turn your dental trip into a “Family dental trip.” You don’t have to worry about reaching here, as these cities have global connectivity with the presence of international airports. While the choice of the best city in Mexico for dental work is completely based on personal requirements, it's, of course, true that Mexico offers more than what you expect! 

Why Should I go to Mexico for dental work: Option to Chose Among Various Cities
Why Should I go to Mexico for dental work: Option to Chose Among Various Cities

Convenient for International Patients

The benefits of choosing Mexico for dental work go beyond money savings and a variety of procedures. Mexico is an emerging dental tourism destination.[2] While the country's proximity holds great appeal for American patients, the simple transit procedures are the cherry on the cake. You don’t need a Mexican visa for short travel. All you need is a valid passport card or book, driver's license, and automobile registration. Besides these, you will need to keep an FMMD with you, which you can collect while you enter Mexico.[3] Suppose you choose to drive through the border; don’t worry about parking your vehicle. Many Mexican dental clinics offer free or paid parking lots. However, ensure to check out what applies at the clinic you choose prior to your dental trip to Mexico

The other concern that bothers most patients choosing treatment abroad is dealing with local culture. Don’t worry as Mexico is culturally similar to the States. Especially, the locals in border or resort cities are warm and friendly. The local economy relies on beach and medical tourism. So you don’t find many cultural or traditional differences here. However, as a first-time traveler, we advise you to learn the local etiquette, and common Mexican phrases. Further, we recommend that you exchange currency at banks or ATMs. These exchanged Mexican pesos are for your restaurant bills and shopping expenses. Don't worry about paying your dental bills. Are you wondering, “How to pay for dental work in Mexico?”. The answer is here. Many Mexican clinics accept multiple payment options. Dental tourists can pay using credit, debit cards, travelers or personal cheques for their dental work in Mexico. Some Mexican clinics also accept cash payments in US Dollars.  

The other concern that bothers someone considering dental work abroad is efficient aftercare. Traveling all the way around for post-treatment checkups can be overwhelming. Popular Mexican dental clinics offer virtual follow-up consultations. Not only that you can also choose your clinic after a free initial consultation. Many clinics committed to dental tourism offer promising efficiency. They offer free online consultations, where the dentist will 

  • Understand your oral health problem,
  • Learn about your oral and medical health,
  • Suggest the appropriate treatment,
  • Brief you on the pros and cons of treatment, its procedure, and timeline,  
  • Provide you with a detailed price quote.

The best part of getting online first consultations is that you don’t have to rely on any clinic. You can check out what suits you best and trust your instincts only after thoroughly verifying everything. Besides, in Mexico, some dental clinics run 24/7, offering flexibility in fixing your appointments. So, going to Mexico for dental care is not just about reasonable prices or spending a vacation in a resort city. It deals with your convenience in terms of appointments, treatment, and payment options. Are you impressed by the choice but are still worried about planning your travel? Don’t worry. Envoy Health makes it easier for you. Simply sign up to our platform and get treated by some of the finest dental professionals. Your teeth deserve the best, just like your smile. 


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The information in this article is for educational purposes only and does not replace medical advice. Always consult your doctor before starting any treatments.

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    Yes, being a US citizen, you can go to a dentist in Mexico for dental work. All you need to do is verify the dentist's experience, credentials, qualifications, and certifications. Check out the dental professional memberships with professional organizations. Further, you may rely on the patient's reviews for the dentist. 


    Cities like Tijuana, Los Algodones, and Cancun are safe for dental work in Mexico. They are a favorite choice for many dental tourists because they offer affordable prices on a refreshing vacation. 


    Going to Mexico for dental work is indeed the best thing you can do for your teeth. You will experience top-notch dental care at some of the best and well-maintained clinics. You will enjoy substantial savings and all-inclusive packages on dental work, too.  


    Yes, Mexico has some of the best dentists. They are qualified and skilled, offering the best dental care. Some dentists even hold 30 years of experience in dentistry. With extensive experience, they hold a track record of performing thousands of successful dental procedures. They adopt the latest dental technology and are members of reputable organizations like ADA and ITI. All you need to do is research well to find the right dental professional.  


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