How Long Does it Take to Get Dental Implants in Mexico?

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Posted June 03, 2024
Are you thinking about getting dental implants in Mexico but feeling uncertain about the timeline? Rest assured, we've got you covered. This article offers all the essential information to help you understand exactly how long the dental implant process takes so you can plan your journey with confidence and peace of mind.
How Long Does it Take to Get Dental Implants in Mexico?
How Long Does it Take to Get Dental Implants in Mexico?

Key Takeaways

  • Knowing the time required for getting new teeth is essential before going to Mexico for dental implants
  • The dental implant treatment is a step-wise procedure. It requires 2-3 visits to the clinic, separated by a span of a few months.
  • The exact time required for dental implants in Mexico depends on the jaw bone quality, oral health condition, and the number of implants required. 

Dental implants are a long-term solution for fallen teeth problems. Whether it's a single tooth or multiple teeth loss, dental implants can significantly improve your chewing ability and clarity of speech. Most importantly, they seamlessly blend with your natural teeth, making it virtually impossible to distinguish them from your real teeth. This natural look and feel can boost your confidence, allowing you to smile freely in public. 

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Mexico offers a range of dental implant procedures that can address teeth loss concerns in a budget-friendly manner. Dental implants in Mexico are a popular choice for Americans seeking quality and affordability. While the process may take a few months, the cost-effectiveness of the treatment can provide you with peace of mind. The Mexican dental implant procedure involves two phases of treatment. It includes the surgical phase and the rehabilitation phases, separated by a healing phase of around 3-8 months.  Suppose your jawbone needs some preparatory treatments, then you will require three trips separated by a span of a few months. 

Overall, getting dental implants in Mexico will take a period of a few months involving 2-3 dental trips. Now let's look at the phase-wise treatment plan for a detailed understanding.

  • Online consultation: You’ll first attend a virtual consultation and discuss your concerns with the dentist. This will take around 45-60 minutes.
  • Diagnostic tests: You’ll get all the necessary diagnostic tests like the physical examination, dental X-rays, and CBCT done. This will take 15-30 minutes.

Dental Diagnosis

  • Preparatory phase: If the jawbone is found to be insufficient, a bone graft, ridge augmentation, or sinus lift will be performed. If some tooth extraction needs to be carried on, it will be performed, which will take a few hours
  • Healing phase: Your jaws will be left to heal for a period of a few months.
  • Surgical phase: It involves dental implant surgery to fix single or multiple implants in one sitting. This step will take 2-3 hours. However, you’re required to stay for a period of 2-7 days in Mexico. This is to ensure the sutures heal well after the preparatory phase and to collect the impressions of your teeth for customized prosthesis preparation. 
  • Healing phase: Your new teeth implants will now fuse with the surrounding jawbone, which takes around 3-8 months.[1]
  • Rehabilitation phase: You’ll need to stay for 5-10 days on this trip as this involves two steps. One is that you receive abutment screws on the implants, followed by a healing period of 2-3 days. After complete healing, you will receive a permanent prosthesis on these abutments.  

So, the entire process of dental implants in Mexico involves 2-3 visits to the dental clinic. The exact time required depends on the individual needs and the clinics you choose. Your bone health and the number of implants you need will typically influence the time required for dental implants in Mexico. The weaker or scanty your jawbone is, the more time you would need as it demands an extra step for a sinus lift or bone graft. Further, multiple implants heal slowly compared to single dental implants, which can add up time for healing lengthening the entire duration. 

Are you worried about the lengthy duration and looking for shortcuts? We’ve got something for you!

Can You Get Dental Implants in Mexico in a Short Time Frame? 

To answer this, some clinics promote offering same-day dental implants Mexico. However, note that the success of dental implants lies in effective osseointegration. This lays the foundation for dental implant success and will take a few months. Hence, be careful while you choose the procedure. 

The same-day dental implants involve implant surgery followed by prosthesis fixation, all on a single day. It reduces the time for the overall process by excluding the time required for the healing process. However, you’ll need enough jaw bone for effective results. More importantly, same-day implants are often associated with relatively more discomfort and pain when compared to traditional implants. Furthermore, they carry a relatively higher risk of implant failure.[2]

All-on-4 and all-on-6 implants in Mexico will definitely need effective osseointegration. Multiple implants fixed within the jaw need to support the entire prosthesis. Hence, rushing on to fix permanent prostheses can wreak havoc. Don’t worry that your multiple implants will be left open for several months until your gums heal. You will receive a set of temporary prostheses on the same day. They serve as your teeth until you receive permanent teeth. 

Considering the aspects of jawbone and oral health, are you worried about the safety of dental implants in Mexico? We’ve got you covered.

Is It Safe To Get Dental Implants in Mexico?

Dental implants in Mexico are safe when done by qualified professionals at certified clinics. The best dentist in Mexico for dental implants will perform a careful dental examination. When considering the safety of the procedure, understanding your jawbone condition is crucial for the success of your dental implants. Having sufficient jawbone to support implants is an essential consideration. In case you have a scanty deteriorated jawbone, it can lead to dislodging of the implant and failure. 

Further, quality dental clinics use advanced technology for perfect oral health analysis. Proper implant positioning avoids nerve and sinus damage. Improper implant fixation poses compression pressure on the underlying nerve, leading to numbness or tingling sensation. Further, implants fixed in the upper jaw with scanty jaw bone can make sinus perforations, leading to pain, tenderness, and inflammation. 

Furthermore, qualified professionals recommend the right procedure based on the individual condition. Hence, relying on the best dentist in Mexico for dental implants yields better and safer results.

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The information in this article is for educational purposes only and does not replace medical advice. Always consult your doctor before starting any treatments.

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    Frequently asked questions

    In Mexico, all-on-4, all-on-6, or 3-on-6 dental implants can replace all teeth. They cost you $8,110, $10,450, and $11,000, respectively, for a single jaw in Mexico.


    Dental implants have 90-95% success rates for a period of 10 years.[3] The success of dental implants in Mexico lies in the dentist and clinic you choose for your treatment. Choosing a qualified dental professional at a reputed clinic ensures the success of your dental implants.


    Going to Mexico for dental implants is a good idea if you are looking for quality implants at affordable costs. Mexican cities like Los Algodones, Tijuana, Cancun, and Playa del Carmen are popular destinations for budget-friendly dental implants.  


    Getting dental implants in Mexico will take a few months, with a minimum of two dental visits to the clinic. It will be carried out in a step-wise procedure separated over a period of 3-8 months.


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