Hair Transplants in Turkey: Pros & Cons

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Posted May 13, 2024
Are you uncertain whether a Turkish hair transplant is your ticket to luscious locks? Weigh the sunny side and pitfalls of the choice by reading the article, hair transplants in Turkey: pros and cons. We aim to debunk common myths and provide you with all the necessary information.
Hair Transplants in Turkey: Pros & Cons
Hair Transplants in Turkey: Pros & Cons

Key Takeaways

  • Knowing the pros and cons of hair transplant in Turkey is essential.  
  • You can expect the best hair transplants in Turkey, reasonably priced while yielding precise results. Further, Turkey is an easily accessible destination with solid international connectivity. 
  • Language hassles and long-distance post-procedural follow-up are significant cons of having a hair transplant in Turkey. However, a good provider can answer these issues efficiently.

Hair loss is a growing concern both among men and women. Turkey emerged as a popular hair transplant destination, attracting many who are seeking affordability and exceptional results. However, understanding the pros and cons before flying abroad is essential. Take enough time to research carefully, weigh the advantages and disadvantages, and evaluate this option. Remember, getting a hair transplant is not just about your hair but also about regaining your self-confidence! 

Getting a Hair Transplant in Turkey: Pros 

The significant advantage of choosing Turkey is the affordable hair transplant in Turkey cost. Prices are substantially lower in Turkey than in your home country. The best hair transplant in Turkey prices range between €2,390 and €6,890 ($2,576- $7,423). Getting a FUE hair transplant in Turkey costs you a minimum of €2,390 ($2,576), while a DHI costs €3,290 ($3,544). In addition, you can get Turkey hair transplant packages starting at just €2,350 ($2,532). Besides the affordable price for best results, these packages offer additional amenities like luxury stays, transport shuttles, initial consultation, post-op care kits, etc.  

However, in the United States, the cost of a basic hair transplant starts at around €6,550 ($7,057). For an FUE procedure, you might pay upwards of €9,000 ($9,697), while a DHI could set you back €8,800 ($9,482). Considering Turkey’s low prices, a hair transplant in Turkey will save you nearly 70% on costs. Furthermore, you may consider the extensive work involved in massive transplants. A 5000 grafts hair transplant cost Turkey, is just a minimum of €4,670 ($5,031) with our partner clinics.  They charge  $1- $3 per graft, which is strikingly low compared to the $6-$10 in the United States.

Going forward, many ask us, “Is hair transplant in Turkey worth it?”. The answer to this is a straight yes! A hair transplant in Turkey is far more than financial savings. It's about getting the best look with long-lasting results at the premier clinics. You get top-notch care at the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Health-certified clinics

If you ask us, “Do hair transplants in Turkey work?” The answer is a big shout-out: yes!! Our partner clinics in Turkey clinics adopt state-of-the-art technology and higher standards of sterilization. The doctors at our partner clinics meticulously pick individual grafts and implant them into the areas of hair loss. Hence, you can expect precise and accurate results. 

Moreover, the hair transplant specialists at our partner clinics have over 20 years of experience in delivering exceptional results. The international awards they received and the Turkey hair transplant reviews of the ex-patients speak about their work. The final results are so natural that it's hard for you to detect that you had a transplant. You may check the Turkey hair transplant before and after photographs to gauze the amazing transformation!

More importantly, it's not just the low costs, savings, or best results with a hair transplant in Turkey. The best part is you are not abandoned! Turkey’s hair transplant clinics offer not only treatment but also follow-up care after transplant. 

Are you amazed? Scroll down to read the hair transplant in Turkey reviews by one of our satisfied patients.

Fias gives his experience a glowing 5-star rating, sharing,

Amazing service from start to finish. Well looked after from before I landed. Every step of the way, I was appraised with care, and I felt like they were using the best equipment available. I have compared my trip to others I knew of who had it also. I can say the amount of soreness, redness, and discomfort was nothing compared to everyone else I had heard from. I had continued to be followed up professionally since my operation date and look forward to seeing the full results in the months to come.

Are you impressed? The perks of choosing a Turkish hair transplant don’t end there! Reaching Turkey is quite comfortable for any international destination. This makes it convenient for you to reach here and access world-class treatment. 

At Envoy Health, we understand the concerns of international patients. Being a foreign traveler, the safety concerns might haunt you. Don’t worry. We have covered it for you.

Are Hair Transplants in Turkey Safe?

Hair transplants in Turkey are safe when done by skilled and certified professionals. The success of a hair transplant deals more with the skill and sterile environment in which you are held. Proper extraction and the correct orientation of the hair grafts speak everything when it comes to results.[1]  Further, unhygienic handling of grafts can lead to infections.[2] 

Sterile and Clean Environment at Turkey Hospitals

The doctors at our partner clinics in Turkey are highly experienced in dealing successfully with grafts. Some of them have a track record of performing over 10,000 successful hair transplants. This depicts their commitment and expertise. They stay updated on the emerging trends in hair restoration by attending the annual meetings of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS). So, you don’t have to worry about the safety of your hair transplant in Turkey. 

However, in the universe, every choice has its own downside. Like any medical procedure, a hair transplant also holds its cons. Understanding what can go wrong with the choice can help you avoid them in advance. 

Risks of Hair Transplant in Turkey 

A hair transplant in Turkey is safe when done by a qualified expert. Although you may expect minor side effects like itching or irritation, it can lead to dissatisfactory results when carried out using unhygienic practices. Failure to adhere to standard sterilization protocols can lead to infections, causing graft failure. 

Besides, Turkey is a foreign land, and language can be a problem for international travelers. Conveying your aesthetic concerns can be difficult, leading to misunderstandings. Moreover, Turkey is a land with diverse cultural norms. Some medical travelers may face difficulties in aligning with the cultural expectations of the destination. More importantly, post-procedural follow-up is a significant concern for treatment abroad. Addressing any potential complications or attending follow-up care for overseas clinics can be challenging once you return home and resume your daily routine. 

However, with Envoy Health, getting a hair restoration is quite convenient and easy to handle. We partner with the top clinics to ensure safe and best results. If your concern is language hassles, rest assured, as our partner clinics have multilingual staff to deal with foreign patients. Furthermore, our partner clinics also offer 12-month post-procedural support as a part of the all-inclusive hair packages in Turkey. With Envoy Health by your side, you are not abandoned after treatment!

When the benefits clearly outweigh the drawbacks, why hesitate? Join Envoy Health, and let us guide you every step of the way.


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The information in this article is for educational purposes only and does not replace medical advice. Always consult your doctor before starting any treatments.

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    Frequently asked questions

    A normal hair transplant in Turkey, when performed by a qualified professional, can have some minimal side effects like scalp bleeding and soreness. However, a transplant can go wrong when done by an underqualified professional, leading to severe infection, causing nerve damage, and permanent hair loss.


    Choosing between the US and Turkey for a hair transplant depends on personal choice. While it's true that both destinations offer the same quality of care, Turkey is preferred for its affordability. Further, the Turkish hair transplant packages offer amenities for foreign travelers, helping them turn a dull transplant session into a comfortable and joyous vacation in Turkey. 


    The downside of hair transplants in Turkey are poor hairline design, too much donor hair harvesting, and improper orientation of grafts.  All these drawbacks can be addressed by choosing a skilled and experienced professional.  


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