Hair Transplant Turkey: A Complete Guide From Start to Finish

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Posted July 11, 2024
Consider a hair transplant Turkey to regain your lost confidence and the voluminous, lush hair you’ve been longing for. This comprehensive guide leaves no stone unturned, covering all the essential topics you need to know for a peaceful and successful hair restoration. A well-prepared trip can make you feel confident.
Hair Transplant Turkey: A Complete Guide From Start to Finish
Hair Transplant Turkey: A Complete Guide From Start to Finish

Key Takeaways

  • Turkish hair transplant holds global popularity for its affordability on great results. 
  • Achieving a natural-looking voluminous hairline is quite convenient with Turkey’s premier clinics.   
  • You need to align with the aftercare measures described by your hair transplant surgeon for effective and long-lasting results. 

Turkey hair transplants offer a life-changing solution for receding hairline. While Turkey is a famous tourist spot for its rich culture and heritage, the Turkish hair transplant gained popularity for a myriad of reasons. The affordable hair transplant Turkey cost is one good reason for tens of thousands of patients flocking to Turkish clinics for hair restoration. While it's indeed true that you can expect quality care with the best hair transplant Turkey clinics, knowing some crucial points while traveling abroad is important. The success of a hair transplant relies on the clinic and surgeon you choose and the post-treatment care you follow. The best hair transplant surgeon briefs you on everything about before and after hair plugs. However, we advise you to know them prior to basic preparation. 

Your hair loss treatment Turkey begins with a free hair diagnosis at our partner clinics. A qualified hair transplant surgeon will understand your hair loss pattern. They will evaluate your candidacy for hair restoration. In case you are a suitable candidate, you will have to begin with some prerequisites for a hair transplant Turkey. 

  • Quit smoking and alcohol at least a week before hair transplant.
  • Avoid blood thinning medicines like aspirin at least a week before hair transplant surgery. 
  • Limit the consumption of caffeine and green tea a few days before hair transplant.
  • Plan your travel and arrive at the destination a day before your procedure.

How Does Turkey Hair Transplant Work?

The hair transplant surgeon will harvest the hair follicular units from the donor site. They will implant them carefully in the recipient areas that experienced hair thinning. These implanted hair follicles grow out as the normal hair follicles do. The hair transplant surgeon also ensures that the transplanted grafts are viable and have not faced any damage or trauma.[1] Further, they also keep an eye on the orientation and direction of the implanted follicles in order to achieve natural results. Getting a hair transplant Turkey is safe and reliable when you opt for the top clinics. Are you wondering why are hair transplants in Turkey safe? The answer is simple! It's because you get a chance to get treated at some finest hair transplant facilities when you choose Turkey. The hair transplant in Turkey best clinics offer the finest hair restorations. The qualified and highly skilled hair transplant doctors here utilize the latest technology for precise results. Some of them hold over 17 years of experience and are members of prestigious organizations like ISHRS. Besides, the clinics maintain high levels of cleanliness and hygiene. They align with the standards laid by the Turkish Ministry of Health

Sterility Standards Maintained at Turkey Hair Transplant Clinics
Cleanliness Standards at Turkey Hair Transplant Clinics

How Does a Hair Transplant in Turkey Go?

On the day of the hair transplant, you will have to dress up in comfortable wear. You can prefer a buttoned open shirt or sweatshirt with a front zipper. You can also wear a comfortable patient gown. Be careful while you dress yourself. Try to avoid the chances of your dress touching the head as you undress and change after a hair transplant. You can have a light meal or a healthy, nutritious breakfast before your procedure. A hair transplant is a simple procedure, and you are awake while it's carried out. However, having a friend or family member accompanying you at the clinic can be of help.

First, you will finish some documental formalities. The consent documents must be carefully read and signed on the day of the hair transplant procedure. The healthcare staff will carry out some basic medical examinations and check your vitals, including checking your blood pressure, temperature, and pulse rate. They will also collect blood samples for tests like HIV, HBV, and HSV. 

The process of hair transplant in Turkey begins with marking the donor and recipient areas on your scalp. The staff will then shave your scalp, following basic hygiene and cleanliness. 

Turkish Hair transplant doctor marking donor and recepient areas
Turkish Hair Transplant Doctor Marking Donor and Recipient Areas

Next up, your hair transplant surgeon will inject local anesthesia. This will numb your scalp and make you feel relaxed while you are still awake during the procedure. While you will feel slight pain from the anesthesia injection, you can also choose needle-free anesthetics. They use high-pressure anesthetic spraying instead of using a needle injection. Typically, local anesthesia takes effect within 15 minutes of injection. The hair transplant surgeon will initiate the process of hair transplant by collecting the grafts using special tools. They will place the harvested grafts in a protective liquid. After harvesting, the implantologist will implant the harvested follicles into the recipient areas. Depending on the type of method followed, you can expect slight variations in the steps followed. Suppose the DHI hair transplant does not require placing the implants in the liquid.  It eliminates the channel opening for implantation. Summarizing it for you, whatever method you prefer for Turkish hair transplant, it involves area marking, follicle harvesting, and implantation. 

The duration of the hair transplant in Turkey depends on the method you choose and the extent of hair loss. Typically, it can range between 2 and 8 hours. Besides, you may notice some amount of bleeding during the extraction and implantation process. Don’t worry, as it's normal. Your transplant region will be covered with bandages, and you will return to the hotel for a night stay. 

What’s Next After Hair Transplant Surgery Turkey?

Your next appointment will be two days after the Turkish hair transplant. The transplant surgeon will examine the transplant area and check for signs of inflammation or swelling. The medical team will then perform wound care by cleaning the scalp, changing the bandages, and fitting a headband. You will also get your first post-op wash a day or two after hair transplant surgery. Suppose you notice some discharge oozing out of the transplant areas; don’t worry. It's completely normal. In case you experience any pain or discomfort, don’t hesitate to inform your doctor. They will prescribe mild painkillers. You will be on antibiotics dosage for a few days after hair transplant. Clearly, get informed of all the necessary post-treatment care as you return home. 

  • After you return home, refrain from touching your scalp for a couple of days. The scalp will be initially red and sore. You will notice red-colored dots that will slowly disappear within a week or ten days.
  • You shouldn't be exposed directly to sunlight early after a hair transplant. Your new hair implants need some time to adjust, and you will have to provide optimal conditions for acclimation.
  • The harvested and implated sites might show slight oozing discharge. This is part of normal healing and will gradually subside on its own. If it is associated with pain and continues beyond a week, don’t hesitate to consult your doctor.  
  • You may notice some Turkey hair transplant side effects, like swelling. Slight swelling and inflammation around the eyes and forehead during the first 3-4 days after the transplant are common. In rare cases, it can reach a maximum extent by 6-7 days. Use anti-inflammatory medicine prescribed by your hair transplant surgeon to reduce swelling.
  • Sleep with your head elevated during the initial weeks following a hair transplant in Turkey. Consume a healthy diet to provide your body with enough nutrients as the implants heal and grow well.
  • Your first hair wash will be at the clinic. After that, you can wash your hair using a gentle shampoo and applying slight pressure. Never use nails or complex formulations for hair wash. It's better if you let your hair air dry for at least 6 months post-transplant. Hair dryers typically generate heat that can harm the transplanted hair follicles.  
  • It's natural to experience some itching and scabbing as the implant sites heal. Avoid touching the site, and allow the scabs to heal on their own. Your transplanted hair starts to grow within 2-4 weeks. Don’t panic in case you notice a sudden hair loss. This is a shock loss and is completely normal. 
  • Don't smoke or consume alcohol for two weeks after hair transplant surgery. Tobacco consumption can impact blood circulation and impact the healing process.  

Overall, you might notice some discomfort during the initial weeks post-hair transplant in Turkey. With growing time, this will normalize. All you need to do is supply your body with enough nutrients and supplements. Take enough rest and return to your daily routine after a couple of weeks. Your new implants will adjust in a couple of weeks and start to grow like normal hair does. 

What Is the Turkey Hair Transplant Recovery Time?

You can return to regular activities in 2 weeks after hair transplant surgery in Turkey. The new hair grafts will start growing within 3-4 months post-hair transplant Turkey. They attain a length of 5-7 cm by nine months post-surgery. By around 12 months, you can expect the completeness of your Turkey hair transplant results. You will notice lush, voluminous hair one year after a hair transplant in Turkey. 

Hair Transplant Turkey Timeline
Hair Transplant Turkey Timeline

Are you wondering about when you can try a new hairstyle?  Don’t worry. You can get a haircut after 3 months of having hair transplantation surgery using scissors. 

Reclaim that lost confidence and add joy to your life with a Turkish hair transplant. Sign up with Envoy Health and begin your journey of transformation. 


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The information in this article is for educational purposes only and does not replace medical advice. Always consult your doctor before starting any treatments.

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    Turkey is a popular medical tourism destination. You can expect various types of Turkish hair transplants at affordable prices. While the reasonable prices are one appealing factor, the convenience of reaching here to access the top quality facilities and best results is another good reason.


    You can plan a refreshing trip during your hair transplant visit in Turkey. The procedure takes 4-8 hours, and you will visit the clinic two days after the Turkish hair transplant. Hence, we recommend you plan a stay for 4-5 days in Turkey for a hair transplant.


    A Turkish hair transplant will last for a lifetime when you get it done by a skilled and qualified professional. While choosing the right hair transplantation center and candidacy are the keys to the success of hair transplant, aligning to aftercare steps also plays a crucial role in long-term success. 


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