Everything You Need To Know About All-on-4 Dental Implants Algodones, Mexico

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Posted June 04, 2024
Say goodbye to the missing teeth woes. Rediscover the joy of relishing every bite of a scrumptious meal just as you used to do. All-on-4 dental implants Algodones, Mexico, offer a lifetime solution if you have lost most of your teeth in a jaw. Read to explore its affordability and other essential details.
Everything You Need To Know About All-on-4 Dental Implants Algodones, Mexico
Everything You Need To Know About All-on-4 Dental Implants Algodones, Mexico

Key Takeaways

  • Full mouth rehabilitation using Algodones, Mexico dental implants is a favorite choice among many Americans.
  • All-on-4 dental implants Algodones, Mexico price start at $7,500 and can go as high as $13,500 depending on the case. 
  • It offers a natural-looking smile that lasts for a lifetime. More importantly, all-on-4 implants make use of the maximum availability of jawbone and are a graft-less procedure.

Tooth loss is a serious concern among aged individuals. People aged 65 and above lose most of their teeth and are left with very few on their jaws. Nearly 17.3% of seniors above 65 are left with no teeth.[1] Besides age, dental caries, periodontal diseases, accidents, and trauma are other causes of tooth loss.[2] While teeth implants are a permanent answer for fallen teeth problems, their costs are exorbitant in the States. Dental implants in Mexico are reasonably priced. Choosing Mexico is a good idea for dental tourists seeking savings on quality care.

Further, full-mouth rehabilitation using all-on-4 implants in Mexico is a popular fix for partial or complete edentulism. While Los Algodones for dental work is a popular choice, it's also a top-notch destination for all-on-4 implants. Now, let’s look at the benefits of seeking all-on-4 Los Algodones. 

Benefits of Getting All-on-4 Dental Implants

The concept of all-on-4 dental implants lies in four implants supporting a fixed denture in a jaw. Out of the four, two implants are vertically positioned, while the other two are angled at 45°. This angled positioning of the implants makes the best use of the available jawbone. Here are the benefits of Algodones all-on-4.

  • All-on-4 system restores your lost function of chewing and eliminates the gaps left by missing teeth.
  • While gaps left by missing teeth make your speech unclear, getting full mouth rehabilitation done with all-on-4 implants imparts clarity to the speech.
  • Having a full jaw replaced with artificial teeth, all-on-4 gives a natural smile that you can show off confidently. 
  • With a complete set of teeth, it imparts fullness to the jaws, improves facial contour, and avoids sunken cheeks.
  • The angular positioning of implants makes the best of the jawbone, avoiding the requirement of a bone graft
  • It is a lifetime solution for missing teeth issues. Besides, maintaining Los Algodones dental implants is simple and similar to natural teeth.

Note that even the best dentist in Los Algodones can provide you with successful results only if you are an eligible candidate. Furthermore, finding the best dentist in Algodones, Mexico, requires meticulous research. Check out the all-on-4 dental implants Algodones, Mexico reviews before making a decision. Now, let’s look at the eligibility criteria for Algodones all-on-4.

Am I a Candidate for All-on-4 Dental Implants Algodones Mexico?

Your Algodones dentist will determine your eligibility for all-on-4 implants. To be a suitable candidate for Algodones, all-on-4, you’ll need a healthy oral cavity free from gum diseases. Besides oral health, you’ll need a sound overall health condition, free from diabetes, heart diseases, and soft bone problems like osteoporosis. Further, you should not have undergone a recent or are on a chemotherapy treatment. In addition, you should be a non-smoker and free from parafunctional habits like teeth clenching. 

All the conditions mentioned above interfere with implant healing and lead to implant failure.  Found yourself as a suitable candidate? Learn about the time frame for treatment as well.

All-on-4 in Algodones, Mexico: How Long Does It Take?

Your all-on-4 dental implant treatment in Mexico will be carried out in a step-by-step procedure with two dental visits to the clinic. It can take anywhere between 6-12 months, separated by a healing phase of 3-8 months.

On your first visit, you will receive four dental implants in a jaw, and the surgery can take a period of 2.5 hours. Your new teeth implants aren’t left as such, and you’ll receive a temporary denture over the implants. This will serve as your teeth until the permanent prosthesis is fixed. These implants will fuse with the jawbone in a period of 3-8 months. After successful osseointegration, your implants will receive the abutments followed by a fixed hybrid denture. 

Dental implants with Abutment
Dental Implants in a Jaw

This final, permanent prosthesis will restore the lost functions of your natural teeth, gifting you a brand-new smile. Now, let’s move to the cost section for understanding the financial aspects of Algodones all-on-4.

Knowing All-on-4 Dental Implants Algodones, Mexico Prices

The all-on-4 dental implants cost in Mexico is far more affordable than the prices quoted by the Stateside dentists. All-on-4 dental implants Algodones, Mexico, cost ranges between $7,500 and $13,500. This price includes four implants and a fixed denture for a jaw with accommodation and ground transportation charges. 

Meanwhile, choosing an all-on-4 system with a fixed acrylic hybrid denture will cost you $8,110 for a single jaw. However, the prices are slightly higher if you choose popular implant brands. All-on-4 implants by Nobel Biocare, along with a fixed hybrid denture, will cost you $8,950 per jaw in Algodones. The same goes for Straumann implants, which will cost you $9,710 for a jaw. 

In the United States, all-on-4 implant prices (excluding consultation and diagnostic tests) start at around $24,000. This price is more than three times higher than the all-on-4 dental implants Algodones, Mexico, price.  Although it's evident that Algodones dental implants cost is reasonably priced, its worth noting that by choosing Algodones for all-on-4 implants, you’ll save nearly 70% on dental billsWe tabulated the all-on-4 dental implants Algodones, Mexico, cost in the table below.

All-on-4 Dental Implants Algodones, Mexico Price List

All-on-4 Treatment

Algodones Dental Implant Cost Per Arch

All-on-4 system + fixed denture 


All-on-4 system + fixed acrylic hybrid denture


All-on-4 system (Nobel Biocare) + fixed acrylic hybrid denture


All-on-4 system (Straumann) + fixed acrylic hybrid denture


# Prices may vary depending on the case.

The cheapest all-on-4 dental implants in Algodones, Mexico, are not just the pleasing factor. Some of our partner clinics in the Molar City also offer you shuttle transport from the border and Yuma International airport to the clinic. Besides, for all-on-4 dental implants Algodones, Mexico, you get complimentary nutritionist counseling as well. 

Los Algodones emerged as a top destination for dental implants. Now, let’s look at the advantages of traveling to Los Algodones for all-on-4.

Choosing All-on-4 Algodones Implants Mexico

Here, we listed down all the benefits of choosing Algodones for your all-on-4 treatment.

  • Budget-friendly prices: The cost of dental implants in Algodones, Mexico, is reasonable. You can expect a savings of 70% for all-on-4 treatment. Besides, you get complimentary accommodation, and transport as well.
  • Proximal location: Los Algodones is just a few steps from the US-Mexican border. The border crossing procedures are simple and straightforward. Reaching here is safe and convenient for Americans.
  • Top quality implants: The Molar City has some of the premier clinics employing advanced dental technology like CBCT, PIC oral scanners, and digital and panoramic X-rays. 
Quality Dentistry: All-on-4 Algodones
All-on-4 Algodones: Quality Dentistry
  • Finest dentists: Algodones has over 600 dental clinics, some of which are the best and the finest. While some Algodones dentists hold over 30 years of experience, some are directly trained by Straumann, a global leader in dental implants. 
  • Cultural similarity: Located close to the US-Mexican border town, you’ll find no difference in the culture at Algodones. It's much like just crossing the border on a short walk and getting your teeth done. Besides, you don’t find it difficult to communicate as the clinics employ bilingual staff and language translators.

At Envoy Health, we believe in transparency. Hence, we detail you with all the necessary tips before going to the dentist in Los Algodones. What are you still looking for? Experience the blend of quality and affordability. Rejuvenate your smile and life with Envoy Health by your side. Sign up, and let us accompany you as you take the first step. 


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The information in this article is for educational purposes only and does not replace medical advice. Always consult your doctor before starting any treatments.

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    Your all-on-4 dental implant surgery will be performed under anesthesia. However, you’ll likely experience some discomfort and pain as the anesthesia wears off. To help with this, your dentist will prescribe antibiotics and painkillers.


    All-on-4 dental implants fail very rarely and have a high success rate of 98%.[3] They are one of the most successful full-mouth rehabilitation procedures when performed by a skilled and experienced dentist.


    Algodones all-on-4 costs you far less than in the United States. With the costs starting at just $7,500 for four implants and fixed dentures, you’ll save up to 70% on Algodones all-on-4 treatment. 


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