How Much? Exploring the Cost of Dental Implants

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Posted March 19, 2024
Step into the world of dental implant costs. It can be a bit of a maze. Our comprehensive guide is here to illuminate the path to help you make an informed decision. Continue reading to gain a quick grasp of dental implant costs.
Cost of Dental Implants
Cost of Dental Implants

Key Takeaways

  • Getting a single dental implant in the US would cost around $5,500. The exact price varies depending on the requirement of procedures like bone grafts and tooth extractions.
  • Implants may seem to be an expensive dental procedure. However, they are an investment for a lifetime.
  • Factors like implant type, number, geographical location, dentist qualifications, and experience influence the overall treatment costs. 

Teeth implants carry a higher price tag than the alternatives like dental bridges or dentures. The cost of dental implants can be a downside, but it is often seen as a worthwhile choice. They can be a long-term investment for your oral health.

The dental implant treatment cost varies by type, number, geographical location, and the dentist's experience. So, when someone mentions the high cost of dental implants, it’s better to examine what exactly goes with the implant cost.  

How Much Do Dental Implants Cost?

A single dental implant in the US typically costs between $2,400 and $3,000. However, you’ll also need an abutment and crown to achieve full functionality, which can add up to $3,000. So, on average, you can expect to pay around $5,500 for getting a dental implant in the US. 

But wait, there’s more. The pre-op tests like panoramic dental X-rays to assess your jawbone quality and oral health will cost you $150. A bone graft for low jawbone density will be priced at around $3,000.

While these costs are per tooth, let’s move on to full-mouth implant prices. Getting full mouth implants will cost you $90,000 in the US. 

In this context, opting for an “all-on-implant” system will be a budget-friendly choice. All-on-4 dental implants will cost you $24,000 per arch, while all-on-6 implants will cost you $31,000.

So, as you can see, the cost of getting dental implants can be tricky. It all depends on the procedures recommended by your dentist.

Here, we tabulated costs for implant-related procedures for a detailed dental implant cost analysis.


Cost in the US

All-on-4 implants*


All-on-6 implants*


All-on-8 implants*


Full mouth implants


Single implant post


Abutment and crown


Bone graft


Panoramic X-rays


Simple tooth extraction 


Surgical tooth extraction


*Per arch

# Prices are case-dependent

Are you feeling a pinch in your wallet with these high costs? Hop on the upcoming section to uncover why they’re worth every penny. 

Are Dental Implants Worth the Money?

Dental implants are worth the expense as they bring much to your table. Choosing implants isn’t just about improving your smile but also the quality of your life. Other teeth replacement options, like dentures, require frequent resizing and are a continued investment. Unlike them, implants form a strong foundation in the jaw bone. They replace the tooth root portion, bringing you a durable, natural-looking smile

Moreover, implants restore the functions of tooth roots, preserve your oral health, and protect your jawbone rather than just serving cosmetic purposes. Hence, dental implant costs without insurance can be hefty, but they are worth the money. 

Now, let’s hop on to the upcoming section to understand the insurance details of dental implants. 

Does Insurance Cover Dental Implants?

Dental implants are not covered by insurance when considered purely for cosmetic needs. Most dental insurance providers cover dental implants if they’re deemed medically necessary. There are some exceptional cases when insurance typically covers implants. This is when implants are required to restore tooth functions lost due to accidents and injuries. 

Even then, many consider dental implants to be an investment. Are you curious to know more? Scroll down to the upcoming section.

Are Dental Implants an Investment?

Once the dental implants settle in your gums, they live as such for a lifetime with proper care. You may consider them a lifelong companion! The crown portion is the only part requiring a replacement in an implant setup. Furthermore, they require minimal maintenance, just like you do for your natural teeth. [1]

On the other hand, this differs from other tooth replacement options like dentures or bridges. Even if you choose custom-fit dentures, they require frequent readjustments. Although bridges are a non-surgical and comparably cheaper option than implants, they don’t offer the same longevity as implants. 

That’s the reason to mention that dental implants are much more of an investment for a lifetime

Have you ever wondered why dental implants are more expensive than other dental treatments? Worry not! We’ve covered it for you.

Why Are Dental Implants So Expensive?

The price tag that dental implants carry can be hefty, mainly because of the high-quality materials and the extensive oral health checkups involved. Implants are made of high-quality titanium. It is biocompatible, durable, and, of course, quite expensive. Further, the crown or visible portion is usually made from porcelain, a ceramic material popular for its aesthetics and durability. 

While this concerns dental implant part expenses, getting implant treatment is a surgical procedure. It covers the anesthesia, and pre-op tests like dental X-rays, CBCT, and panoramic X-rays require cutting-edge technology. Operating and maintaining this sophisticated equipment also adds to the charges. 

Understanding what drives up dental implant costs is crucial. Is that the implant material, the procedure, or perhaps the number and location you opt for? Don’t worry if it sounds overwhelming. We outlined all the factors impacting dental implant costs. Continue reading to gain a quick grasp of it.

Factors That Affect the Cost of Dental Implant Treatment

The following factors affect the cost of dental implant treatment:

  • Implant material: Materials like titanium and zirconia are durable, biocompatible, expensive, and mainly used for implants. However, zirconia implants tend to be slightly pricier when compared to titanium implants.  

  • Implant number: Naturally, single implants cost less than multiple implants. To solve this, many dentists recommend all-on-implant systems rather than full-mouth implants to streamline the process and reduce final costs.

  • Geographical location: The location you choose for your implant treatment also impacts the cost. The cost of living, local state regulations, and professional pay all play a role in deciding dental implant treatment costs.

  • Diagnostic tests and additional procedures: Procedures like bone grafts or ridge augmentation may be necessary if your jaw bone is deteriorating. Furthermore, getting pre-op tests, like CBCT and panoramic X-rays, requires sophisticated technology. These added costs contribute to the spiking up of final treatment costs. 

  • Dentist qualification and experience: Qualified, experienced, and board-certified dentists charge more. However, you can expect the best results in safe hands. 

So, suppose someone mentions getting dental implants at a lower price. In that case, it's essential to inquire whether the cost includes all associated expenses like prostheses and pre-treatment procedures. Remember, prioritizing quality and expertise is the key to your oral health.


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  2. Ceramic vs titanium implants: When to choose which?


The information in this article is for educational purposes only and does not replace medical advice. Always consult your doctor before starting any treatments.

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    Frequently asked questions

    Getting a full set of new teeth with full mouth implants can cost you around $90,000. This differs from getting a full set of new teeth with all-on implants. If you choose all-on-4 implants, it will cost you $24,000 per arch. Getting the same with all-on-6 implants will cost you $31,000.

    The average cost of getting a single dental implant in the US will be $5,500. There can be additional costs for pre-op procedures like tooth extraction, sinus lift, and ridge augmentation.

    Zirconia implants are expensive when compared to titanium implants. They cost up to $8,000, while a titanium implant costs you $5,500 in the US. This is because of the complex manufacturing process for preparing the zirconia implants.[2]

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