Top 5 Best Hair Transplants in Turkey

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Posted May 09, 2024
Your hunt for hair loss solutions ends with the top 5 best hair transplants in Turkey. With its global reputation for excellence, it's no surprise that this beloved destination is a hotspot for exceptional transplants. Let's dive into this guide together and uncover the ultimate solutions for your hair restoration in Turkey.
Top 5 Best Hair Transplants in Turkey
Top 5 Best Hair Transplants in Turkey

Key Takeaways

  • A hair transplant in Turkey can bring permanent and effective results for your hair loss problems.
  • Your doctor suggests the proper method based on your case. Typically, it depends on the extent of the hair loss, donor hair quality, and your expectations.
  • FUE, manual FUE, sapphire FUE, and DHI are the best hair transplants in Turkey.

At first glance, hair transplant surgery might sound straightforward—just extracting and implanting hair. However, it involves much more technical skill than that. Each graft extraction and transplantation is carried out following specific protocols, and the procedures vary widely depending on the goals and techniques employed.

You'll find that the best hair transplants in Turkey come at reasonable prices, making it a favored destination for many international visitors seeking a fresh look. Here are the details on the different types of hair transplants available in Turkey, each tailored to meet unique needs with precision and care.

Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT)

Your hair transplant doctor will numb the scalp using a local anesthetic before starting the extraction procedure. They will cut a tissue strip sized a maximum of up to 30 cm in length and 1.5 cm wide from the donor area. Individual hair grafts will be harvested from this tissue strip and transplanted into the recipient area. The size of donor tissue depends on the graft's requirement, which in turn depends on the extent of baldness. The drawback of this method is that it leaves a long scar on the donor area. Further, you may also face some discomfort in the donor area during your recovery. 

Source: ISHRS[1] 

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) 

Follicular unit extraction, otherwise known as FUE hair transplantation, involves picking up individual hair grafts using specialized tools. Initially, your hair transplant doctor will mark the donor and recipient areas on the scalp. The marking is based on the donor area thickness and your expectations for the hairline. After marking, your doctor will numb the scalp using a local anesthetic injection. They will initiate the graft extraction using a micro-punch and extract follicular units containing 1-4 hairs. After extraction, they will select the prolific grafts to start the implantation process. For implantation, your hair transplant doctor will first open the channels in the recipient area using the metal blade.  The follicular grafts will be implanted at an appropriate angle and direction, ensuring a suitable orientation. This will make your final look more aesthetic. 

Further, the extraction of individual grafts leaves minimal scars that are hard to detect. Based on some minor changes, FUE hair transplant is categorized into two. Manual FUE and Sapphire FUE. We look into the details of each in the following sections.  

Source: ISHRS[2]

Manual FUE Hair Transplant 

This method is a simple variant of FUE. Numbing your scalp, graft implantation, and channel opening using a metal blade remain the same. However, your hair transplant doctor in Turkey will meticulously extract each hair follicle manually. They do not rely on electric micro punch and ensure that the extracted grafts are healthy and viable. The method is more tedious and requires an experienced team of transplant doctors for successful results. You can expect great results, as the treatment relies much on the surgeon's expertise, and the extraction depends much on the physiological conditions of the scalp rather than using the electric micro punch. 

Turkey Hair Transplant Doctors

Sapphire FUE

For the sapphire FUE method, the graft extraction and selection follow the same method as the conventional FUE using a micro punch. The use of an electric micro punch ensures a speedy approach and precise results. But the difference lies in the implantation process. Your hair transplant doctor will open channels on the recipient area using a V-shaped sapphire blade. This is a unique tool made from precious, natural sapphire stone. Its V-shape ensures that the channels for implantation are smaller with optimal capillary density. Further, the capillary channels that are made in the recipient area lie closer to each other, gifting you a voluminous look and easy-to-heal condition.  This method is an excellent choice if your scalp has entered the advanced stages of balding. 

Direct Hair Implantation 

The DHI or direct hair implantation is a modification of FUE. The concept of DHI lies in the immediate implantation of an extracted graft as soon as it's harvested. This is to reduce the transit time between harvest and implantation and improve the chances of graft survival. Sometimes, even meticulous graft extraction can result in non-viable grafts due to drying, infection, or trauma. Reducing the transit time and immediately implanting the grafts in the recipient area can lower these chances, increasing graft survival.[3]

Our partner hair transplant clinics in Turkey employ the latest technology. Hair transplant doctors here use a Choi implant pen that can effectively make channels and implant grafts in the recipient area in a single step. This eliminates the use of metal or sapphire blades to create channels and implant grafts in a second step. This precise surgical tool contains a needle and micromotor for effective implantation.  Further, the use of the Choi pen promotes a controlled angle, depth, and direction of implants, all of which contribute to the natural look.  

In addition to these methods, you can also expect an Afro hair transplant. This is particularly suitable for people of African hair descent. The hair transplant experts use manual FUE to pick and implant the grafts meticulously. 

The best hair transplant Turkey price is reasonable, and the procedure is pain-free. Your doctor will perform the transplant under local anesthesia. So you will be awake during the procedure and aware of your surroundings.

Besides answering the hair loss concerns of men, state-of-the-art hair transplants in Turkey are also a beacon of hope for women. 

Hair Transplant in Women

Female hair loss, in most cases, doesn’t lead to baldness. However, the significant thinning of hair results in low density and finally affects your confidence. Hormonal imbalances and nutrient deficiencies are prime contributors to female hair loss. A hair transplant in Turkey isn’t just for men. It can also yield great results for women. Typically, FUE or DHI are chosen methods for hair transplant in women. You can expect voluminous, lush hair within 12 months after your hair transplant in Turkey. 

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The information in this article is for educational purposes only and does not replace medical advice. Always consult your doctor before starting any treatments.

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    A good hair transplant in Turkey will cost you between €2,390 and €6,890 ($2,546- $7,341). Further, you get all-inclusive hair packages in Turkey ranging between €2,350 and €3,790 ($2,503- $4,038). With a good hair transplant in Turkey, you can expect natural-looking permanent results.


    Getting a 5,000-hair graft in Turkey will cost you around €1,450 ($1,545). This is a time-consuming process and can take multiple sessions. For a single session, it takes 8-10 hours with two skilled hair transplant specialists. For the convenience of international travelers, our partner clinics in Turkey offer the best hair transplant package in Turkey for a mega session of 5,000 grafts at just €2,900 ($3,090).   


    Approaching the best hair transplant clinic in Turkey is crucial for the success of your hair restoration. Check out the clinic credentials, success records, sterilization standards, and surgeon qualifications as you choose the hair transplant clinic in Turkey. You can also look at the patient's reviews to understand the standards of care. Further, checking out the before and after transplant images of ex-patients offers you a picture of transplant success. 


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