Smile Brighter With the Affordable Mexico Dentist Prices

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Posted July 01, 2024
Reclaim your self-confidence and smile freely at public gatherings. Escape high stateside costs with reasonable Mexico dentist prices. Read along to learn about this convenient escape from heavy price tags. Dive into this comprehensive guide for a complete understanding of costs for various dental procedures in Mexico.
Smile Brighter With the Affordable Mexico Dentist Prices
Smile Brighter With the Affordable Mexico Dentist Prices

Key Takeaways

  • Mexico dentist prices are quite affordable when compared to the Stateside dentist costs. It is mainly because of Mexico’s low cost of living and subsidized dental education.
  • Dentists in Mexico offer various dental services with premium options at reasonable prices. Further, they also offer inclusive prices so that you can save on the additional expenses too. 
  • Getting quality dental work in Mexico will save you 80% on dental bills.

Imagine smiling freely in public and sharing warm greetings with friends and family. Hesitating to smile can make a bigger difference in your self-esteem. However, the expensive dental care at the Stateside clinics can be an obstacle. The reasonable Mexico dentist costs are an escape from heavy price tags. Dental work in Mexico is a popular choice among the uninsured group. Furthermore, the long wait times at Stateside clinics make oral health ruining. While oral health should never be neglected, dental issues need a quick response. Delaying them for cost reasons or wait times can complicate the issue. Mexico offers various treatment options, ranging from cosmetic dentistry to restorative dentistry. While Mexican dentistry is safe, a dental tourist needs to understand Mexico dental work prices and savings. 

Mexico Dental Prices vs US

Mexican dentistry is cheaper than in the States. You can make savings of up to 85% on dental work in Mexico. The cost of living in Mexico is far lower, with housing and transportation charges of 180% and 70% lower than in the States.[1] This price disparity indeed reflects on the final dental bills. Many Mexican clinics utilize this opportunity and offer Mexico dental tourism packages. This allows you to save much on costs for services like diagnostic tests, consultations, anesthesia, shuttle transport, and accommodation (for complex restorations). You don’t have to spend much on additional expenses by choosing dental treatment in Mexico. Besides, some best dentists in Mexico offer reasonable prices for quality dental procedures. Now, let’s explore each one in detail.

Mexico Dentist Prices for Implants 

Dental implants in Mexico are a popular choice for teeth loss among aged Americans. The affordable Mexico dental implant prices are a primary reason for this. For instance, consider a single titanium implant at the Stateside clinic, which costs you $5,500. In contrast, Mexican dental implants cost begin at $1,500, which includes an implant, abutment, and crown. While you have the choice of titanium and zirconia implants, the full mouth restoration cost in Mexico can go as high as $14,499 for one arch.  You have a wider choice of full-mouth rehabilitation with all-on-4, all-on-6, 3-on-6, snap-on-dentures, and zygoma implants. Below, we tabulated the prices of each type. 

Mexico Dental Prices vs US: Dental Implants

Implant type

US Cost

Mexican Cost

Single dental implant



All-on-4 implants per arch



All-on-6 implants per arch



3-on-6 implants per arch



Zygoma implants per arch



# Prices may vary with the case.

Mexico Dental Prices vs US: Dental Implants
Mexico Dental Prices vs US: Dental Implants

Mexico Dentist Prices for Crowns

Dental crowns are teeth caps that can be either placed on implants or partially damaged teeth. In Mexico, dental crowns cost you between $120 and $600, depending on the type of material. Your dentist will first reshape your tooth and collect impressions for customized crown preparation. You will receive temporary crowns, after which the dentist will fix permanent crowns. If you choose porcelain fused to metal crown, it costs you $230 in Mexico. Meanwhile, the highly aesthetic zirconia crown will cost you $490. In contrast, the Stateside dentists charge around $1,500 to $3,000 for a single dental crown. So, choosing dental crowns in Mexico will save you 85% on dental bills. Below is the table with a list of different types of dental crowns in Mexico with their costs.

Mexico Dentist Prices for Dental Crowns

Mexico Dentist Prices for Dental Crowns
Mexico Dentist Prices for Dental Crowns

# Prices may vary with the case.

Mexico Dentist Prices for Dentures

Dentures are removable devices to restore the lost functions of missing teeth. Implant-supported overdentures are used for completely edentulous jaws. Your dentist will place multiple implants to support these permanent dentures. Stateside dentists charge around $1,800 to $3,000 for partial and complete dentures, respectively. In contrast, Mexican dentists charge between $190 and $490 for dentures. You get a range of choices, like partial and complete dentures with metal or flexible frames in Mexico. When it comes to artificial teeth, your dentist in Mexico will fix composite or acrylic teeth. Below, we listed the different types of dentures and their prices at Mexican dental clinics. 

Mexico Dentist Prices for Dentures 

Denture Type

Cost in Mexico 

Partial denture with metal or flexible frame


Full denture with porcelain or composite teeth


Full denture with acrylic teeth


Partial denture with acrylic frame


# Prices vary slightly with the case.

Mexico Dentist Prices for Fillings, Root Canal Treatment, and Extractions

No matter the intensity of the oral health problems, treating at the right time can reduce the level of discomfort. Tooth decay is a major issue with varying intensity of pain and sensitivity. Your dentist will clean the decayed part of the tooth and fill up the cavity with filling material. Dental fillings are also a treatment option for chipped or cracked teeth. Your dentist in Mexico will charge $60 for composite dental fillings. 

Suppose the tooth decay is intense and has reached the interior; it needs a root canal treatment. Your dentist will drill a hole on the tooth surface to clean the infected pulp. They will close the hole with filling material. Root canal treatment in Mexico will cost you $340 per tooth. Suppose you already underwent a root canal treatment previously but need it again, it will cost you $370 for root canal retreatment. 

In some cases, tooth decay and damage can be intense and require removal. You also require tooth extraction when your jaw is left with few teeth, and you are looking for full mouth implants. The cost of tooth extraction in Mexico is $60 and $190, respectively, for simple and surgical extraction of wisdom teeth.

Mexico Dentist Prices for Cosmetic Dentistry 

Cosmetic dental treatments aim to improve the way your natural smile looks. They improve the color, size, and shape of teeth by dealing with discoloration, chips, cracks, and gum shape. They cover a wide range of procedures like veneers, whitening, cleaning, gum reshaping, and implants. 

Veneers are tooth-colored shells used to conceal the front teeth flaws. They cover the cracks, discoloration, and breaks on the front teeth. While Mexican veneers are purely for cosmetic purposes, they cost you between $450 and $490. Your dentist will roughen the tooth surface by etching and collecting the impressions for veneer preparation. After the customized veneer is ready for affixing, they will fix it using a dental adhesive. Coming to the individual prices, a single porcelain veneer costs you the lowest at $450 in Mexico. On the other hand, the highly aesthetic zirconia veneers cost you $490 per tooth. In contrast, dental veneers can cost you as high as $2,500 at the Stateside dental offices.

Besides, natural teeth catch up with plaque and tartar when food sticks to the surface. Prolonged exposure can lead to bacterial build-up. Teeth cleaning removes the bacterial build-up and can cost $35. Suppose the plaques are hard to remove; the dentist will perform deep cleaning, which costs $60 per quadrant. Your dentist will scrape the rough spots on the tooth and under the gums by using ultrasonic scalers and cleaners. 

Further, in some cases, the color of natural teeth fades away with time. It can be due to age, specific foods, or tobacco consumption. Your dentist in Mexico will perform teeth whitening to lighten the existing shade and remove any stains. In-office teeth whitening will cost you $170. In case you choose the quick zoom whitening, your dentist will charge an amount of $250. The dentist will apply a whitening agent or peroxide and speed up the whitening process by using a flashlight. Besides, you can also expect gum reshaping in Mexico. While this procedure alters the appearance of your gums, the Mexican dentist price for gum contouring is $180 per tooth. Your dentist will surgically remove the gum tissue, considering the tooth-to-gum ratio.  

Cosmetic Dentistry: Mexico Dentist Price 


Cost in Mexico

Porcelain veneers (per tooth)


Zirconia veneers (per tooth)


Teeth cleaning


Deep cleaning (per quadrant)


Teeth whitening (take-home kit)


In-office whitening


Zoom Whitening 


Gum reshaping 


# Prices vary with the case.

With Mexico dental clinics, you don’t have to venture around dental labs to get diagnostic tests. The clinics are well-equipped with advanced dental technology. So, you can get the diagnosis and evaluation done all under a single roof.  

Mexico Dentist Prices for Diagnostic Tests

Getting diagnostic tests and consultations would not be a burden here at the Mexican dentist’s office. While many reputed dentists perform initial consultations for free, the costs of diagnostic tests are quite low. Dental panoramic X-rays cost you $65 in Mexico, while in the United States, they cost you $800. While dental CT scans cost you $150 in Mexico, getting IV sedation by a certified anesthesiologist will cost you $600.

Mexico dentist prices are quite affordable when compared to the Stateside prices. While you can save up to 80% on dental work in Mexico, the exact savings vary with the city you choose for dental work. For instance, the Tijuana Mexico dentist prices vary slightly depending on the brands and prosthesis types with Algodones Mexico dentist prices. While many ask us about the best city in Mexico for dental work, the choice is completely personal. Mexico dentistry benefits dental tourists beyond cost savings. It's a blend of quality, affordability, and safety. Are you wondering where to begin? Don’t worry. We hold you hand in hand as you step forward for quality dental care abroad. Sign up with Envoy Health. You will gain access to top professionals on our platform. A healthy smile is just one click away!   


  1. Cost of living in the United States compared to Mexico


The information in this article is for educational purposes only and does not replace medical advice. Always consult your doctor before starting any treatments.

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    Frequently asked questions

    Dental work in Mexico is cheaper when compared to the Stateside clinics. You can make savings up to 80% on dental treatment in Mexico. Further, many clinics in Mexico offer inclusive prices on lodging, transport, consultation, anesthesia, and diagnostic tests. So the savings are beyond what you usually expect.


    A simple dental cleaning in Mexico costs you $35. However, when you choose deep cleaning that involves scaling and removal of tough plaques, it can cost $60. 


    A dental composite filling at a Mexican dental clinic costs around $60. Typically, it is used to fix small holes or dental cavities. 


    Paying for dental work in Mexico is easy and convenient, as many dental clinics offer multiple payment options. You can make payments using credit and debit cards or make payments using personal or traveler cheques. Some clinics oriented towards dental tourism also accept US dollars for cash payments. So you don’t have to worry about currency exchange too.    


    Yes, a US citizen can go to a dentist in Mexico. All you need to do is to find a reliable provider and plan your treatment. You will need to carry your passport, driving license and automobile registration papers. Further, you will need to obtain the FMMD during the border crossing either at the entry port or airport.


    Mexico’s dental treatment costs are cheap when compared to the Stateside clinics, mainly because of the low cost of living. The low costs of house rent and transport are reflected in treatment prices. Further, the cost of dental education is quite high in the States. In contrast, the government subsidizes dental education in Mexico. So the students aren’t left with the heavy burden of student debt and don’t have to charge high bills from patients.  


    The cost of getting teeth done in Mexico varies with the implant type, number, and brand. Depending on the extent of teeth loss, the cost of getting teeth done in Mexico falls anywhere between $1,500 and $14,499. 


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