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The Rising Tide of Medical Tourism

Understand the statistics that are driving more people to embrace medical tourism as a pathway to accessible, affordable, and advanced healthcare

2.1 million People Traveled

Americans traveled outside the US for medical care in 2019.

950 Hospitals

Joint Commission International (JCI) accredit hospital around the world

55% - 70% Savings

Average range of savings

Welcome to Envoy Health

Where Health and Travel Unite Seamlessly

Individuals seeking medical treatments abroad today are facing a challenge: how do they find, connect, and plan their healthcare journey with ease and confidence?

Envoy Health revolutionizes medical tourism. It's an all-in-one platform that seamlessly combines global healthcare options with essential resources and support. From treatment discovery to aftercare, Envoy Health simplifies and empowers your medical journey abroad.

Envoy Health Providers - Trusted Dental Experts & ProfessionalsOne-Stop SolutionEnvoy Health Providers - Trusted Dental Experts & ProfessionalsComprehensive AssistanceEnvoy Health Providers - Trusted Dental Experts & Professionals Cost-Effective and Quality Healthcare
Envoy Health - Leading Dental Tourism & Affordable Implants
Discover Our Premier Health Clinic

Provide your health details and experience dedicated care tailored to you.

Healthcare Solutions

The Medical Tourism Platform that Revolutionizes Access,Affordability and Support in Global Healthcare.

Envoy Health - Leading Dental Tourism & Affordable Implants
Global Healthcare Network

Gain access to a carefully curated network of healthcare providers worldwide, offering a diverse range of medical services and specialties.

Online Consultation

Seamlessly connect with experienced doctors and specialists through our secure and user-friendly telehealth platform for virtual consultations.

Booking and Scheduling

Effortlessly book appointments with healthcare providers, efficiently manage your schedule, and receive timely reminders, all through our intuitive platform.

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Why Choose Us

Making Dental Care Affordable for Everyone

Cost Savings

Significant savings on medical procedures compared to costs in the home country.Envoy Health - Leading Dental Tourism & Affordable Implants

Quality Care

Assurance of high-quality medical care through accredited and reputable healthcare providers.Envoy Health - Leading Dental Tourism & Affordable Implants

Personalized Assistance

Dedicated support and personalized assistance throughout the medical travel journey.Envoy Health - Leading Dental Tourism & Affordable Implants

Time Efficiency

Reduced waiting times for medical procedures and streamlined scheduling.Envoy Health - Leading Dental Tourism & Affordable Implants

Travel Experience

The opportunity to explore new destinations while receiving medical care.Envoy Health - Leading Dental Tourism & Affordable Implants

Online Consultations

Engage in virtual consultations with healthcare professionals without geographical constraints.Envoy Health - Leading Dental Tourism & Affordable Implants

You can save 55 % to 70 % on treatment costs in Thailand, Singapore, India, and Malaysia.

Let us find you the best healthcare professionals

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